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i will show how one may come to know Almighty God through the forgivness of sin that is offered in his Son Jesus Christ

Please-Remmember God When You VoteNovember 5, 2012

Dear friends- Please remember God when  you vote.It is he who loves you and is willing to save you forver if you will put your Faith and Trust in His Son Jesus Christ. So please think of what he would do,. The one who is there would make normal same-sex marriage, That is the worst sin in  the eyes of God.So remember God when you vote. Thanks and God Bless you.

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A Call To Ptay For Our NationApril 25, 2010

My dear friends: Today I am comming to you with all of the love that I have for this great nation. We as a nation are in greater  trouble now than I ever remember.Those who are our lealeaders, and especially the president are causing us to be in danger of the judgement of God on us. While no one can say at this point that he is the anti-christ it is easy to see that he has the spirit of the anti-christ. His words are closer to Blaspheming.  any president i ever remember. So i am asking you if you know how to pray and reach God in your life. THEN ASK HIM TO DEAL WITH THE LEADERS. who have forgotten what this country is all about. I want to remind you that the only time that God will answer any prawer is if OUR HEARTS ARE RIGHT WITH HIM. .So please pray for this nation.---God Bless You. H.Daniel

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The Character (marks ) Of a Spiritual Person Galations 5:22-23February 16, 2010

Today I will focus on the character and marls of a person who has crossed the line between being lost and Saved. It is not hard to pick this person out for in the world we live in he or she truly stand out.. Verse 22 says:"but the fruit of the Spirit is; love,joy,and peace."This is the Christian Character as an inward expression.When a person accepts Jesus Christ as Personal Saviour he or she becomes a person of love,a person full of joy and a person who is at peace.At peace with himself,and God..Notice again verse 22 says:"longsuffering, gentelness, goodness." This is Christian Character as expressed to other people..As this is fairly simple i will go to the last three words. They are "Faith,Meekness,and Temperance>" (verse 22-23). This is Christian Character that is expressed to God..Faith in his Son Jesus Christ of Salvation and to lead our lives and take usa to heaven when we die,To be a child of God is to be Meek and Christ like when no one else is.Temperance is not useing andthing that is not good and Godly.

Is this you?It starts with a personal Faith and Trust in Jes Christ for Salvation.Will you do that? Thank you and God Bless You. H Daniel

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What God Offers Us Is--Grace(His Un-Merited Favour) Ephesians 2:1-10October 11, 2009

As I  grow older I am as amazed at what God did for me aS i was when I became his child at the age of nine. Now as then I see no goodness in and of myself, The only Goodness is what he gave me when I accepted his Son Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. He gave me a home in Heaven and made me part of his family.I diid not and do not deserve  it but for reasons of his own he loved me and Saved my Eternal  Soul. It was and is completely un-merited.   

Ephesians 2:1 "And you hath he"quickened" (made alive) who were dead in trespesses and  sins."One application of the blood of his Son Jesus Christ and I have a family to go to heaven to. He and Jesus are waiting for me.I who was Spiritually Dead and had no hope now have my hope in Christ.Not a maybe hope but a know so hope.

Verses 4,5.6 says"God is rich in mercy for his Great love" "Even when we were dead in sins hath quickened us together with Christ for by Grace are ye Saved" "And hath made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus"> There it is but it is all dependent on wheather or not you have Trusted Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour and asked him to Forgive your Sins.. Have you done that will you do that? Thank you and God bless You.  H. Daniel

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Greetings to all my friends who have read my past writings.September 21, 2009

For a long time i had the privilege of writing a blog fo this company.June 2008 was my last entry.My writings were the writings were Spiritual in nature with the intent of helping anyone who has a spiritual problem.. But last June my dear wife of 28years became very ill with cancer and in November she died.As i began to re-orginize my life my computer crashed and I had t start all over again with the help of my son. If any of you remember me and wandered what happened tt was it. I have never been highly skilled with a compute so my dear wife helped me a lot.When she diedas i said my son came to my rescue.

Now we are ready to go with a new blog but with the same theme. What is your relationship to God?Where would you go if you were called into eternity today? The answer can be found in the word of God, the Bible and with a personal Faith and Trust in the Son of God-Jesus Christ.. It is as simple as that. I look forward to going to Heaven someday to see my dear wife but even more important I look forward to going  and being with Jesus who saved me from my sins so many years ago. WHat about you?Will you Trust Him as your Saviour  Today? Thank you an God Bless You. H Daniel

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