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obamaisanigger's Photo Album

Obama Sends Snipers After You
Obama Fears KKK Uprising
Obama Nigger Caves to Russia
Obama Pandering to Muslims
Obama Nigger Is Muslim
Niggers want to be included
Americans Revolt
Obama Nigger Speaking
Nigger Gorilla WIth Dead Baby
Nigger Welfare Healthcare
Sandbag Volunteers - all human
Hungry Niggers
Obama Damands More From US
Congressional Pirates
Obama Nigger Scared of FoxNews
Tom Coburn
Bret Baier Getting Obama
Bret Baier and his hot wife
Obama Skeerd
Verbal Remedies
Nigger Owns White House
Obama Chimpout
Texas F16
Texas Lone Star State
Kucinich on Air Force One
Obama Nigger Riding Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich Alien
Beautiful White Girl
SheBoon Nigger With Fat Ass
Obama Nigger Gives Away More
Crack is the best medicine
Obama Lies
Another shooter
Obama Nigger Milks Us More
Sheboon in yellow 'dress'?
Chuck Norris
Obama Goes It Alone
Obama Nigger Official Birth
Obama Lies
Obama nigger blows Saudi King
Obama is a sad little nigger
Obama nigger depressed
Obama Didn't Write His Own Boo
Chicago Olympics
Voiceless Blue Man
ELF bombings
Great Depression of Obamarika
Kevin Jennings Pedophile
Obama Boyscout Fucking

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