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March 23, 2014
Qingdao, China National Heavy Duty Truck Heavy: Domestic private car export leader


China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. 2013 Qingdao Heavy exports totaled 6,805 , its export volume has for many years maintained a leading position in the industry , maintaining more than 60 % of its total sales. 1-2 months of this year exports reached 1,454 , an increase of 139% , showing strong export momentum, as "National Vehicle Export Base Enterprise" Heavy Qingdao Special Vehicle exports to the domestic leader in gesture. Emphasis on efforts to forge international market to open up Ten years ago, Qingdao Heavy insight into leadership on the international market demand for private cars , and actively develop the implementation of the international development strategy , emphasis on targeting the international market from all aspects of the organizational structure, product development, production organization, quality improvement , marketing, planning , etc. . They were the first to introduce in the industry , the training of foreign talent , established the International Cooperation Department , the development of 30 overseas distributors and dealers to help build service stations . In recent years, Qingdao Heavy Industries and on the basis of the former Ministry of International Cooperation , Ministry of expanding the three outlets and actively docking related business in China Heavy Duty Truck Group Import and Export truck parts Company , and related business FAW Group Qingdao Import and Export Corporation . They produce heavy-duty dump truck, concrete mixer truck , garbage trucks and other compression products to cost-effective, strong adaptability to the operating environment , etc. , by the Middle East, Africa , Latin America , Southeast Asia and other developing countries of the CIS and widely welcomed. Through the efforts of forging ahead , Qingdao has become a dedicated heavy vehicle industry one of the few export-oriented enterprises , the annual sales of more than 60% the proportion of exports . 2011 exports over 4500 ; 2012 export vehicles 5004 ; 2013 to complete export 6805 . Establish a rapid mechanism for adjusting the organizational structure Qingdao Heavy demand for the completion of domestic and foreign orders , they are the basis of summing up the past, linear functions of the system management mode , the study adjust organizational structure , improve corporate resource allocation, actively trying new production mode of operation , in order to establish a rapid response mechanism to market-oriented , promote the production units and operating departments to the management and economic returns , to achieve internal " heavy burden of people pick " business philosophy, the organization has been adaptation , set up to profit as an indicator of internal products division , and in the internal build a cost-effective production and management as the center of the pattern - "11 +2 " model ( ie, eleven profit center , two cost centers ) . In order to strengthen the functions of management, rationalize production and business processes, adaptive adjustment on departmental responsibilities , the technology development, quality control, and other functions of the decentralization process and the organic integration , reducing the management aspects , closer to the market and sales , and build a new production management pattern.turbocharger Promoting the " six breakthrough" record sales success Qingdao Heavy demand for domestic and foreign markets , the implementation of targeted marketing strategies. In order to expand product sales, made ??a timely manner to achieve " six breakthrough" work requirements , aimed at " excavator system customers , export , vehicles , sanitation trucks, mixer domestic market, parts and components ," the six -tech high , high value-added products sales to achieve " six breakthrough ." To achieve " six breakthrough" , Qingdao Heavy strive organization in place , personnel in place, incentive policies in place. They strengthened the mixer , sanitation trucks, vehicles sales force . In -house sales, R & D and sales force focused on the transfer . Through all the workers ' six breakthrough " work required to implement and marketing systems to work together , in 2013 , achieved a 37% growth in new orders for good performance , effectively promoting the export of the work product . Strict quality management to strengthen the physical quality To ensure the quality of export products, Qingdao Heavy constantly to ensure compliance with the quality management system running efficiently , improve product quality , they organized the preparation of a sound and comprehensive quality management system internal operating plan , continued through the ISO9001 quality management system , ISO/TS16949 quality management annual supervision and inspection system and 3C . And implement measures carried out by the audit review of batch orders , plus strict assessment, in 2013 the company level organizational improvement project 43 , discovered the problem promptly inform the responsible departments for rectification , making special truck-mounted tone quality has improved significantly . Revised during the year they organized more than 30 quality management program documents to ensure the effective operation of management systems , but also to ensure the steady improvement in the quality of export products , has been highly praised China National Heavy Duty Truck and foreign .clutch parts Strengthening technological innovation to accelerate product development To expand the international market , Qingdao Heavy vigorously strengthen technological innovation, accelerate product development . They are based on market demand, dump trucks, construction vehicles category , the breakthrough of traditional unloading lift design concept, introduced shirk Tipper completely independent property rights , and successfully into the market . The product has been highly praised users and dealers , showing a huge market potential. Based on China 's heavy truck chassis 60,65,70 and other mines , they design and development of the U-shaped wide-body dump truck to achieve an average weight 3-4 tons coat , has also been recognized by the market . In the selection of chassis based on the amount of the traditional parties , their tops by optimizing the design of the successful expansion of the Big 12 , Big 14, 18 parties and other mixer products and small quantities into the market, but also the needs of different markets abroad for Southeast Asia, Africa , development to adapt to the requirements of foreign mixer . In sanitation products , developed a new type of three tons of food waste vehicles, China 's heavy truck diesel compression level 5 cars, Isuzu 3 tons compression vehicles. Last September, they developed according to the needs of foreign users 60 compression garbage truck mighty South American country exports , domestic sanitation trucks become a major event industry-wide attention.
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