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Great Features of Smartpunters.Com

Posted on October 17, 2005 at 12:37 PM - 0 Comments - Link - RSS Feed -

If you're still on the fence about blogging services here are some things to consider:


1. Speed - Most blogging sites are SLOW. They simply have too many users and too little bandwidth. That's not an issue at We upgrade with our users. We moved from a 512MB pipe to a full T1, then to a T3. Currently we're serving off of a full DC3 pipe and we're seeing fantastic response time.

We make this promise to you: If ever reaches 80% capacity, we'll always move up to another tier and supply more bandwidth to you - our users!


2. Flexibility - Can you post what you want on other servers? Chances are the answer is no. Again, that's not the case with Anything you post will be available 24 hours a day (aside from scheduled maintenance times) and we do not censor your blog entries. Your blog should be a reflection of you, not the current political landscape.


3. Power - Can you promote your blog on other sites? Sure! We don't limit your exposure. Post links where you like! At we actively spend advertising dollars to get your blog seen (unless your blog is marked by you as "Private").  Your blog can even be added to our landing pages for advertisements! This means when someone searches for "Blogs" and clicks on a smartpunters link, they see your blog first! Isn't that fantastic?


A few more reasons to choose


  • Rich Text Editing - You don't have to know HTML to be a master blogger
  • Instant Publishing - No censorship here
  • Draft Publishing - Choose when to publish or save as draft
  • Posts cached - You'll never work hard on a post just to have it lost
  • Search Entries - Forgot what you said about the president last year? Use our built-in search tool and find it!
  • Categories - You can create your own category tiers or leave them all together as one
  • Entry Preview - Make sure you like it before you post
  • Podcasting - Post an Audio Blog
  • Webcasting - Post a Video Blog
  • Moblogging - Post from your mobile device. No need to visit the site when you have a new idea
  • Email Posting - Post via Email! Send an email and it's posted to your blog as a new entry.
  • HUGE Storage - 200MB storage for all your heaviest files! Store your entire MP3 collection if you'd like
  • Comments - Users can leave comments if you allow, but it's up to you
  • Trackbacks - Keep up with conversations across the digital divide with this handy feature
  • Banning - You choose who to ban from commenting and when
  • Photo Album - Post your family photos, funny pix, or your favorite pet
  • Custom Folders - Create and organize your files with ease
  • Custom Profiles - Create your profile and let the world see who you are ... or not
  • Friends Add/Manage - Add other users to your friends lists and keep in touch!
  • Mailing List - Create a mailing list YOU control
  • RSS - RSS Feeds are available on all accounts
  • Email Notification - You're automatically notified when someone adds you to their friends list, posts a comment, or sends you a personal message
  • Personal Messaging - Send messages to other users free of charge
  • Multiple Author/Group Blogging - Allow your friends to post to your blog, with their own passwords! Up to 5 friends can join
  • Multiple blogs - Up to 5 blogs per free account. Create one for school, one for home, one for love and one for the heck of it!


If that's not enough to convince you that is THE best blogging service out there, log in to your account and make a request! We're constantly upgrading and adding new features. We'd be happy to hear from you!


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