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December 5, 2011 - In addition, the central bank links of london jewellery does not need to think

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In addition, the central bank does not need to think outside of the $provide their own money liquidity, and that new swap arrangement is a prudent emergency arrangement. To improve market risk mood, while links of london price recently lynx of london with the stock market is growing correlation, the risk of mood warming also boosted price hike. The people's bank of China also announced Wednesday, from December 5, 2011 up, cut deposit financial institutions RMB deposit reserve rate 0.5%, for nearly three years for first time since. Adjusted, the large financial institutions of links of london sale the deposit reserve rate was 21%, the small and medium-sized financial institutions for 17.5%. Make the market risk preference emotion greatly heating up, down the dollar falling, and then drive links of london prices sharply. The U.S. labor department (DOL) on links of london sweetie bracelets Friday (December 2, released by November non-agricultural employment report showed that the November employment population growth non-farm slightly lower than expected, but the unemployment rate slowed sharply, and the lowest since march, and the first two months of the non-agricultural data on a fix, shows the U.S. labor market continues to love links ring thaw. The data shows, the United States November unemployment sharply to 8.6% in 2009, the lowest level in March that month, also is 8.6% for the economy strong recovery provide the latest evidence. Since this year since march, has been in the U.S. unemployment rate of 9.0% or more of the high. The unemployment rate plunged sharply to the United States for the labor market friendship bracelets was a great news, highlights the economy is recovering. October unemployment not fixed, is still 9.0% of the level. At the same time, the non-agricultural employment growth in November 120000, are expected to grow 122000 people; October non-agricultural employment after correction for growth of 100000 people, the initial value for growth 80000 people; September links of london uk non-agricultural employment correction for increase of 210000, an increase of 158000 initial value. November American private sector employment were up 140000, 140000 people expected increase; October private sector employment after correction for an increase of 117000, an increase of 104000 initial value. In links ring addition, November including state and local government, the government department total employment decreased by 20000, former value fixed to reduce 17000, initial value decreased by 24000. Meanwhile, the United States November london of links average hourly wages fall 2 cents, to $23.18, up 1.8% annual rate, down 0.1% on accident rate, the expected increase 0.2%. Income declines could mean cheap links london consumption or will be confined. The United States November average working week in 34.3 hours flat, expected also was 34.3 hours. Some American companies have shown that, into the 2012 years later, they will be in spending and new employers continue to maintain prudent approach, reflecting domestic demand link it bracelets prospects remain there are big worry. In addition, the debt crisis and America's deficit scale also makes the market sweaty pinched.
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