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December 7, 2011 - The heavier warehouse 4 fund links of london sale synchronization performance

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This and nearly 5, compass institutions password data photograph echo, 500 million yuan in the deal in regular institutions of chips, net buying but more than 3000 yuan. Obviously, the strength of the east JinYu recently is caused by hot money Links London Charm hot holds. According to three quarters of the holdings in look, in stock prices shoot up period, enjoy the hot money "carry its" fund only selected, the Chinese market of China, the Chinese growth strategy selection, fortis haitong style advantage, in addition to WangYaWei operations two fund float surplus of more than 7000 yuan to outside, TongTing rule of Chinese growth (third quarter links london to 6.7828 million strands of holding the third largest circulation for shareholders) floating tracker 17.7031 million yuan, MouYongNing rule fortis haitong style advantage (third quarter to 2.3999 million strands of holding for its eighth largest circulation shareholders) floating tracker 6.2637 million yuan. The securities journal reporters noticed that silver jewellery london fund weekly, JinYu east in the two Chinese fund house played an important position. The Chinese market choice, the east JinYu occupy heavy warehouse strands of the sixth, accounting for more than 3.46% net value; Chinese strategy choice, the east for the no. 2 JinYu heavy warehouse strands, accounting for more than 5.99% net value; The Chinese growth, fortis haitong style advantage, JinYu east for their links of london uk invisible heavy warehouse shares. The heavier warehouse 4 fund synchronization performance: look, there are 3 fund net value of nearly 5, the growth rate of active management slant fund third before, including Chinese strategy to select's return of 0.55% over the same period before the same dominates the top 10, fortis haitong style, with a 0% return on the links of london wholesale advantage in the similar fund the list 61, Chinese market returns-0.07% in the same period featured in the similar 70, and Chinese growth combined to-1.09% returns similar funds in the middle level. Hisui rise expected greater than performance influence For the east JinYu speaking, shares of the links london sweetie watch firm degree depends on the trend of prices of jade, and performance influence really slide back into the background. Non-renewable resources, lack of high-grade raw materials, mining resources is exhausted Burma, no substitute for finished goods and natural jade and high quality far, bring hisui value space is enormous. In recent years, jade inflation, as A links of london sale share of jadeite jade in the main east JinYu natural benefit from them. Due to the behavior of raw materials reserve rich, Oriental JinYu growth performance to be guaranteed, and considering the most flexible performance, full year results still has the possibility of than expected. According to peace securities links london sweetie bracelet analysis, the company has a large jade inventory, to purchase cost plan, only about 1.55 billion yuan finished product. At present, the inventory before revaluation. But now, from domestic to see, although the industry is faced with good chances, but the market competition relative chaos. This is the eastern Links London Bracelets JinYu share prices continue to rise buried hidden trouble. According to the securities daily reporter mastery of the material fund weekly, in raw material costs rose, while the jadeite market demand also appeared atrophy signs. With the news recently, worried about a price no city, the myanmar authorities have to cancel the late November a male links of london sweetie bracelet dish. And as Asia the jewellery industry market of Hong Kong Christie's jewelry vane emerald autumn patted, this year's ChengJiaoLv is not ideal.

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