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December 9, 2011 - In when he links of london bracelet heard the news

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In 2010, the joint venture company will open in nanjing business "treasure • shang pin jewellery kei igawa the city." In when he heard the news, treasure in a jewellery on August 25, a written notice to the joint venture company, jiangsu links of london friendship bracelets and Yu industry ™ Co., LTD, remove on January 1, 2005 the "treasure a" trademarks and service marks to use the management agreement, in October 2006 "supplement agreement" related terms and October 17, 2007 "agreement". Notice said, since the above three agreement signed, the joint venture company many times nonexistent behavior, many times link of london uk verbally notify the correct on fruit. According to relevant laws and agreement, notice the joint venture company, jiangsu and Yu immediately stop use all the "treasure a", "a treasure shops" trademark and identifier, immediately remove all relevant identification. So far, the relations of cooperation has links of london uk been tough affair. The joint venture company in receive a treasure of jewellery ultimatum, on 16 September 2010 nanjing to intermediate people's court treasure jewellery kei igawa the unilaterally dissolve agreement is void. The cooperation of both sides about the links of london charms sale breakdown of the root causes of the two sides have different view. A joint venture company that treasure jewellery skip agreement specified in the review process, abuse "treasure a jewellery" brand. The joint venture company marketing management center vice-president Lin ship is told the Chinese times "reporter:" lead to conflicts finally burst in charm links by charms uk fact someone for factors. The use of trademarks and the brand is not the same concept, they can't get out of our materials. For later breach, light textile leadership about listed stock reform, but in the joint venture contract and talk about reform, treasure of a play on words, jewellery links of london sale originally contract is a treasure of no more than 47% of jewellery, the joint venture company is occupied 28%, but in the end to signing, "no more than 'into the' no less than", they are absolutely holding, and want to dilute the equity. This is we kicked out, Bridges, XieMoShaLv. We don't get that led to the outbreak of conflict." From December 2009 to March 2010 links of london necklaces when, jiangsu and surplus jewelry Co., LTD and treasure jewellery kei igawa the both sides signed a "cooperative frame agreement", "the supplementary agreement" and "agreement". The main contents of a treasure for jewellery involving shares restructuring. Both sides of a scale in specific cannot agree on, eventually restructuring plans to introduce london love links shares. Cooperation is to do strong "kei igawa the treasure", seeking stock reform and to the market, and the reform plan of "abortion", make the cooperation relationship has become nervous . Shops and a treasure of the joint venture company relations deteriorating step by step, and finally in the court filing lawsuits have 7 Links of London Watches cases, including: joint venture company appeals to remove a jewellery brand treasure use agreement shall be invalid, A lawsuit chain shops treasure unfair competition, trademark right to invade case. A source our correspondent has learned that, in many of the disputes or names behind, exposed the cooperation process, there are many problems. From a links of london necklaces sale treasure into cooperation signed a series of jewellery to the supplementary agreement so far, treasure jewellery have replaced the kei igawa the three leaders, the agreement signed, head of different, signed an agreement to the specific feeling condition, because of already cannot verify leaving office.

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January 20, 2016 - Shiver me timbers, t
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Shiver me timbers, them's some great inrmofation.

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