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December 28, 2011 - Why links of london charm bracelets you tear?

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Hold back the tears the eyes, but could not say a word, this time, I was a kid favorite class told me that the food is ready, the other teachers have been invited, they are waiting for me. Classroom desks, and into two by a large table, each table, it's always filled with food. See me coming, another school will be a young teacher took links bracelets me to a table and this time, I found a teacher in the eyes of each, are placed touching flashing light. Principal said, he taught for over thirty years of books, was the first time I saw a child so the teacher took the initiative to birthday. Sitting at the table, I have much to say, they come, usually because of their dissatisfaction with working conditions, I more than once to links rings temper in the children's body, but the kids gave me, but it is such a simple relationship. That night, I was drunk, but it is happily drunk, and has been thought that eleven-year-old students, as adults spoiled by reason, they only know that request, there is no thought of return, but I did not think that the child their feelings of the links of london teacher, is so simple, yet so much moving. Disaster and happiness with sorrows for all the Chinese people, it was a black day because that day, we shed too many tears. That day is forever in his heart scars. At the time I have come to the school now. Day after the earthquake, in order to prevent the aftershocks, we are all teachers and students links london uk have to stay on the playground, waiting to resume classes on the notice of higher authorities. While I was comforting the child, the children's emotional stability off, I give the name of the person concerned about his own phone, the beginning of the phone has been able to get through, then opened the phone and know the parents at home lovelinks bracelet and far away in Jiangsu his girlfriend, and younger brother in high school in the county and the younger brother to college in Heilongjiang are safe, I also felt relieved. Then I felt thirsty, on account of the children after organized to take the cup back to the dorm links fo london When I react, I find it laughable that God really told me a lot of fun, even in the birthday that day an earthquake ... ... At this time, there the leadership of Speaker links of london sale cry: "The process level, you go to where to go? Not come back to the students in your class, one is not obedient, running around." After the children hear, All gifts handed put my hand, ran back to Links London Watches school went to the designated earthquake zone. And, still stand neatly. I was, full of color spray, body spray, hand holding cheap links of london gift. To quickly run past, all the teachers students come to school, there are other people who hide the earthquake, see my way, all could not help but laugh. I ran over to see a leader, but also laugh at me: "you too, but this birthday memorable, and even with the earthquake is on the same day, I guess, you'll never forget the."

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