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July 16, 2014 - How to choose a good hair straightener

A. chi straightener hair can be divided according to the type of heating element in the ceramic heater , PTC heating element and a heat generating element MCH . Advantages of the ceramic heating element is environmental protection, heating speed , usually 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make the splint surface temperature reaches 200 degrees. However, due to the ceramic heating element under high-temperature sintering above 1000 degrees , the temperature in the circuit out of control, will quickly more than 300 degrees , it will burn the plastic material fixed hot plate , so that the heating plate off, there may be exposed to users, and burn the skin. PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient is the abbreviation of translation is a positive temperature coefficient , referred to as PTC thermistors. PTC is also at a high temperature sintering , but he can be a maximum surface temperature during sintering control , according to the manufacturer 's requirements, you can sintered to the surface 280 or less , or the manufacturers want any temperature , generally sintered to 230 degrees to 280 degrees. But its drawback is heated to 200 degrees slower rate , generally about one and a half or two minutes . Also in use, can not continue to maintain that at higher temperatures like ceramic heating element . Straightened hair slightly worse results .

B. babyliss straightener hot plate according to different materials , can be divided into : pure ceramic heating board, ceramic glaze spray the surface of aluminum, glass-ceramic . Benefits of ceramic heat panels are environmentally friendly , good insulation , good security , the disadvantage is processing cycle is long , multi- processing sectors , and as difficult to deal with very smooth edges , in the process of straightening the hair will be slightly pull hair. Aluminum sprayed ceramic glaze is easy to produce the benefits of the other due to the mechanical molding very smooth edges , not pull hair. Since the surface is sprayed ceramic glaze, pull hair was also very effective . The disadvantage is due to the metal itself is not insulated , the internal heating element should be insulated to prevent leakage safety hazard . Crystallite glass is seldom used , mainly in the smoothness of the surface ceramic glaze as good as good , the other is not easy to shape fixed to the structure of the product redesign .

C. straight hair from the structural distinction between V -and X are generally divided into two kinds , the more popular X -type early , but V- more popular recently . Because the V- not only straighten hair , straight hair sleek appearance can also be used for hair, more and more hairdresser with straight hair curls.

D. chi hair straightener in accordance with the power , divided into wired and wireless charging straight hair style straight hair straight hair that is wired to work performed by connecting the mains power supply straight hair , straight hair wireless rechargeable through a battery charger for charging the rechargeable battery using a battery as a power supply. Wired straight hair benefits can work continuously , the disadvantage is unreasonable if the hair straightener control design and production , there will be a security risk , there is an additional use of power line would be inconvenient , the other is to carry out inconvenient. The benefits of wireless hair straightener is safe , because it is tributary power , the other is travel and easy to carry . But the shortcomings of wireless straight hair is the only work per charge 30 minutes to 1 hour .

E. chi straightener can be divided according to the size of the length divided wide plate , plate, narrow version and the mini- wide plate straight hair straight hair plate is generally 90MM, width 42MM, straight hair plate in the plate length is generally 90MM, width 24MM, narrow board straight hair the length of board is generally 80-90MM, a width of 13-14MM, mini- length straight hair plate is generally 60MM, a width of 13-14MM.

F. according to pull hair straight hair type can be divided into common type and wet or dry type . Common type straight hair pulling hair when the hair dryer must be started to pull hair, wet or dry type can pull wet hair . Wet and dry -type straight hair straight hair plate should be 8 to 10 holes , so the water can become steam emitted from the pores .

G. voltage and exporting countries classification , with Chinese plug plug, European plug, U.S. plug ( U.S. leakage protection plug ) , plug Australia , Japan, plug, electric plug , Germany , South Africa plug, plug the UK plug and so on . Voltage: 110V-240V universal voltage is also there , alone on a country -specific voltage or current.

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