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Service Downtime - 02:38 PM, September 7, 2007

Due to a recent issue with our ISP Smartpunters was offline for a few hours today.
We are told that a router connecting our servers to the backbone of the internet went down causing traffic to be re-routed to a backup system which also failed. This is highly unusual but as some of you know, when it rains it pours.


They have assured us that the issue is resolved and everything is back to normal.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members. We will be offering a full credit for the month of September to our premium members with accounts in good standing as a way to express our gratitude that you've chosen us as your Blog hosting service even with the occasional growing pains.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.
We're always glad to hear from you.

-The Smartpunters Team

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Entry Edits Issue Resolved - 10:07 AM, February 20, 2007

An error with users editing their entries that caused youtube videos and pictures to "break" has been resolved. Please report if you experience errors with the current fix.

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Technorati ping issues - 11:58 AM, January 9, 2007

If you've been using our pinging service for Technorati then your pings may or may not have 

registered due to an issue with the Technorati website. If you've not noticed an update to your listing

feel free to contact them for a quick resolution at


If your issue isn't resolved feel free to contact us via your control panel and we'll assist you to make sure your blog-pinions are heard. Cool



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New Templates/Meadow Template Repaired - 01:14 PM, January 7, 2007



We've recently added several new trendy templates to the Smartpunters lineup. Also the Meadow template had issues with semi-colons in the title. This has been repaired.


You can browse the most recently added templates in your control panel at the bottom of the page. Simply scroll down to view. 



Tip 1: Remember that some templates will look better if you choose pictures that are re-sized to fit the layout. 


Tip 2: You can always make your own template! Just upload the pictures to your photo gallery and click on "Customize Template"  under "Look and Feel" to add your own jazzy pictures!


Premium members (click UPGRADE in your control panel) will have even more great options! 


Happy Blogging! 

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Opera 9 / Safari Browsers Now Supported at Smartpunters - 09:11 AM, October 26, 2006

Safari and Opera 9 users have long been unable to post at Smartpunters due to the way their browsers handle Javascript.
This is now a thing of the past as we've released a new and improved "fault tolerant" WYSIWYG editor for new entries.

We're quite excited about this new release but as you know sometimes new toys have new bugs. Please contact
us if you notice anything unusual happening when trying to add or edit your blog entries.

Safari Users: Should need to change no settings. Be sure to enable Javascript.
Opera 9 Users: Will need to verify that "Mask as Internet Explorer" is not enabled, and that Javascript IS enabled.


Also we've discovered a problem with the blog display page that could have caused some 

users to experience slow viewing performance. This has been resolved and should not happen again.


I know we don't say it often enough, but the crew here at Smartpunters would like to thank each and every one of you

that takes time out of your day to Blog with us. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy having you here.

Thank You,

The Smartpunters Team 

1 Comments | Post Comment | RSS Feed | Recent Outage - 10:06 PM, October 6, 2006

Due to a power outage in the area of our northern server several of our users in certain parts of the country may have been unable to reach for up to 6 hours.


At approx. 4PM today power went out and the the backup UPS systems kicked in.

Meanwhile, service crews worked madly to get the power restored but were unable to do so

before the UPS systems failed after putting up a valiant fight. At approx. 7PM they gave up the ghost and the server passed out.


Workers stayed the course and toiled well into the evening. As many of you can attest there's no machine that can outlast a human being when the chips are down, UPS or not.

Shortly after 10PM CST the power was restored and I thanked the workers, ordered our gopher to fetch them a case, and sat down to write this bulletin.


All seems well now and we hope not to have any related trouble in the future. 


Particularly as our workers are all tying one on to celebrate and their talents may be a bit less than sharp thanks to the finest mix of Rocky Mountain springwater and high country barley our gopher could find.



-Larry Yeoman


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Mail Error Resolved - 03:18 AM, June 25, 2006

A programming error with our mail server was keeping some mail from being sent.

This issue has been resolved.


Unfortunately this was mostly new-user verification email. If you haven't verified your account

yet keep an eye on your mailbox. You should receive 1 (or perhaps 2) emails shortly.


Anyone still having trouble with the verification system please contact a representative via your control panel or via AIM/Yahoo at Smartpunters.




-The Smartpunters Team

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Global Privacy - 07:07 PM, June 16, 2006

Due to popluar demand we've just completed an addition that allows you to mark your entire

blog as "private". The button will be available from your main control panel page to the far right.


If your blog is already entirely private you will be shown a link to mark it as entirely public.

If it is entirely public or a mix of private and public you will be shown a link to mark it as

entirely private.

Think of it as a toggle switch :)


-The Smartpunters Team

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Update Completed - 12:34 PM, April 28, 2006


A massive overhaul of the backend was completed today. We feel it has been thouroughly tested however if you do experience the odd hiccup please alert us via your control panel.


You'll notice a new pink upgrade link in your control panel as well. Click it for details :)

Here's a hint: 900 Megabytes of file storage....

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Smartpunters.Com News - Storage Space Updated - 03:38 PM, March 16, 2006

Good news guys and gals!


All accounts have been upgraded to 200 MB of storage! This is to accomodate our growing number of vblog ('video blog', 'vlog', 'vidblog' or 'vog' ) users. We've got the space now, do you have the videos?



Enjoy everyone!


The Smartpunters Team

it's know...a blog or something...

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Advertising Slots Still Open - 04:39 PM, March 11, 2006


We're still looking for 16 ad slots to fill so if you've got a blog and you'd like to have people directed to it just let us know via your control panel.


Also, we've implemented a new mailing system that will alert you when you receive a private message. You are able to control this alert via your Profile link in your control panel.



Enjoy, and thanks for using Smartpunters.Com!




Edit - All slots are now filled but don't worry. We'll be opening more soon. When they become available they will be posted right here.


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Direct Link Advertising: Drive traffic to your blog! - 06:58 AM, March 4, 2006

We're now filling 117 open advertising slots.

If you'd like your blog considered for direct advertising please contact us via your control panel. There is no charge of course.


If chosen, your blog will be a landing point for a portion of our advertising going on next month. This is a GREAT way to drive new traffic to your blog - even if all you're promoting is a shopping list. :)


Adult themed (pornography) blogs will not be considered at this time.


Thanks again for using!

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Better Search Engine Optimization - 07:54 AM, January 15, 2006

We've just implimented a new search engine optimization program for all bloggers to improve their traffic.


You're now able to auto-ping the four big sites via your control panel (under your blog settings) and we'll be buying more advertising over the next 4 months to the tune of

$11,000 USD per month.


Remember to recommend your friends to and send us their login name for credit. Random drawings are still going on for Ipod Videos, Computer Parts, and Amazon.Com Gift Certificates.


Thanks for using!

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New server move completed! - 07:52 AM, December 31, 2005

It's been a smooth ride as we moved from the oldie to the new server system.

Bloggers will notice faster response times now along with an improved delivery system.


As always you can contact us via your control panel to report any issues.


Thanks for using!

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Smart Who? - 06:12 PM, October 23, 2005

A letter from the President:



"A blogging service... Are you going to cut down trees?"  That's what my friends said when I told them I'd put over $500,000 of my own money into a new type of online service that I myself have enjoyed for years. Except when I did it we didn't call it a blog, we called it an online ledger. Daily Change List. Online Diary. You get the idea.

My how times have changed.


Not too long ago we all sat around a 133 mhz machine looking at photos of the latest sports illustrated model downloading at 14.4 baud on modems the size of dinner plates. We'd sit and watch with anticipation as each line of the girl of the month was downloaded and drawn on our screen and once completed we'd oooh, ahh, talk about her cellulite, and then click a link only to do it all over again. Not only did we repeat the same moves that froze time for us as the download continued, we enjoyed it. Today I clicked on a link a friend sent me that had a coupon for lingere for my wife from Victoria's Secret Online. The entire page loaded in less than a second except for one pic in the corner. I was irritated. I immediately thought something was wrong with their server. Poor design, I imagined.

My how times have changed.


And today I write this note more as a blog entry than an open letter - though what could be the difference? - having invested half a million dollars in a pastime I love. Where people from all over the world can come and write about their lives, read about others, and share music, movies, and more with the click of a mouse. That's progress. That's what makes the world go around. People. Friends. Relationships and the inner nuances of everyday life. It's my hope and maybe my gamble that a few people feel the same way. It's my hope that thousands or even millions will see the Smartpunters way of doing things and say "Hey, that's exactly what I was looking for in a community!" and settle down with us.


We're growing already and it's only been a month. You'll notice a LOT of changes in the next few years as we stretch our wings and fly. I expect just like with online chat moving to mp3's moving to movies we'll see blogs move from text to sound to video. It's likely inevitable. But one thing's for sure, whatever changes occur you can count on Smartpunters.Com being on top of them. And who knows? Maybe the next evolution of the online world won't be Brittany Spears latest news. Maybe it'll be you and me and our blogs. The excitement over a new baby at the Smith household or the sorrow of a passing grandparent at the Andersons. That's real life. And if it is, maybe things haven't changed so much after all.



-Bill Braxton


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