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Smart Who? - 06:12 PM, October 23, 2005

A letter from the President:



"A blogging service... Are you going to cut down trees?"  That's what my friends said when I told them I'd put over $500,000 of my own money into a new type of online service that I myself have enjoyed for years. Except when I did it we didn't call it a blog, we called it an online ledger. Daily Change List. Online Diary. You get the idea.

My how times have changed.


Not too long ago we all sat around a 133 mhz machine looking at photos of the latest sports illustrated model downloading at 14.4 baud on modems the size of dinner plates. We'd sit and watch with anticipation as each line of the girl of the month was downloaded and drawn on our screen and once completed we'd oooh, ahh, talk about her cellulite, and then click a link only to do it all over again. Not only did we repeat the same moves that froze time for us as the download continued, we enjoyed it. Today I clicked on a link a friend sent me that had a coupon for lingere for my wife from Victoria's Secret Online. The entire page loaded in less than a second except for one pic in the corner. I was irritated. I immediately thought something was wrong with their server. Poor design, I imagined.

My how times have changed.


And today I write this note more as a blog entry than an open letter - though what could be the difference? - having invested half a million dollars in a pastime I love. Where people from all over the world can come and write about their lives, read about others, and share music, movies, and more with the click of a mouse. That's progress. That's what makes the world go around. People. Friends. Relationships and the inner nuances of everyday life. It's my hope and maybe my gamble that a few people feel the same way. It's my hope that thousands or even millions will see the Smartpunters way of doing things and say "Hey, that's exactly what I was looking for in a community!" and settle down with us.


We're growing already and it's only been a month. You'll notice a LOT of changes in the next few years as we stretch our wings and fly. I expect just like with online chat moving to mp3's moving to movies we'll see blogs move from text to sound to video. It's likely inevitable. But one thing's for sure, whatever changes occur you can count on Smartpunters.Com being on top of them. And who knows? Maybe the next evolution of the online world won't be Brittany Spears latest news. Maybe it'll be you and me and our blogs. The excitement over a new baby at the Smith household or the sorrow of a passing grandparent at the Andersons. That's real life. And if it is, maybe things haven't changed so much after all.



-Bill Braxton


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Clean-up - 03:25 PM, December 1, 2006

Hey Linda,
Thanks for helping me clean up Chad's gravesite Wed. Just think, this is his first snow. I hope he's happy and comfortable, wherever he is.
Love, Geoff

Posted by Geoff

Leave us alone! - 05:20 PM, July 17, 2008

The last time I checked this was still America......
We can and will voice our opinions about any Marxist who tries to steal our rights and freedom from us. BOO BARACK!

Posted by Anonymous

Censorship - 11:56 PM, July 19, 2008

Smartpunters at this time does not censor blogs based on a racial, political, social, sexual, or religious basis. If this were so then some of our more artful members' anti-christian drawings would be flagged as unacceptable and removed, as well as some of our pro-chinese blogs based on the political climate of that region.

Smartpunters is not the Government, we support freedom for everyone.

Blog on-

-The Smartpunters Team

Posted by news

Censorship & Wal-Mart - 03:18 PM, August 1, 2008

Hate is hate be it religion or race. This issue has already been addressed. The Wal-Mart ad has been fixed. This change will affect standard users only. Premium members will continue to view no header ads.

Posted by news

HEEEE HAAAAW - 11:06 AM, August 8, 2008

Awesome, I was looking for a blogging site that hated blacks. Thanks SP!

Posted by Anonymous

i wonder - 03:41 PM, August 13, 2008

Even though wal-mart already has a tough time being liked by people, I wonder how the PR dept. would feel about their logo drapped across the top of a blog that is titled, Obama Is a Nigger?

Apparently you guys here at SP don't mind it at all.

Posted by Anonymous

To all under "The Obama Islamic Movement" - 04:31 PM, August 22, 2008

Posted by Leave us Alone
To the Idiot who is under "The Almighty One's" spell....Wake up and do some research...Frank Marshall Davis Was The Obama Mesiah's mentor, and the last time I checked he was one HUGE MARXIST COMMUNIST !!!!!! And Barry Hussein Obama Loved him and his beliefs and lives and dreams of putting them to use in America. The OBAMA MARXIST NIGGER is trying to bite us on the leg right now....But We are ALL coming to our senses and we will knock him down like any dog who trys to bite our leg. America will not elect a Socialist as President. We love Capitalism in America and will never let Barry change that.We will buy him and his wife a one way ticket back to Kenya to live with his hut bunny brother. Where I am sure he will want to hide after his disasterous defeat in November. Why don't you read up on your OBAMA HERO while you are reading your books. Remember The world is bigger than you think...and thank GOD for that, because I don't want OBAMA living anywhere close to me.
Permanent Link

Posted by Leave us Alone

racist bastereds - 01:54 PM, June 26, 2009

i understand freedom of speech but damn why is nigger still being used you can dislike our great african american president all you like but respect his position.

Posted by Anonymous

Obama the Lying Nigger - 05:52 PM, February 28, 2010

Take that useless lying commie fag celeb NIGGER out and get a real leader of the USA.Butch queer fag Illuminati Scum shit.Transgender teach my kid sex? FUCK YOU AND THE FEDERAL GOVT. FUCK YOU ALL PIGASS KISSING CHICKENSHIT MARTIAL LAW EX HIGH SCHOOL BULLIES. HOPE AND CHANGE AND BURN YOU OFF THE FACE OFF THE EARTH.

Posted by Anonymous

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