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Obama is nothing but a fucking nigger. Its about time someone finally said it.

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America On The Offensive Against Obama Nigger, Social Security Bankrupt
Nigger-Care is passed. See how nigger healthcare, the new welfare, will change your life
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Obama Nigger Scared Of Fox News and Bret Baier, Tom Coburn Lays Down The Law
Obama Nigger Says "Vote like it's passed already", Doctors and Pharmacies Revolt
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Obama Nigger Tells Senate To Commit Suicide, Citizens Rebel
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Obama Nigger Teaches Children About Gay Sex With Pics, Surprised You're Out Of Work
Obama Nigger Ruins Olympics, Bargains For Your Paycheck, Didn't Write Nigger Book
Obama Nigger World Starts Crumbling, Media Cries Racism, Allies Give Up On USA
Obama Nigger Beats Michelle, God Kills Ted Kennedy, Cash For Cars Fails
Obama Nigger Chops Up Healthcare Horsepill, Lowers Social Security
Obama Nigger Not Fit To Be President - Not Qualified Too?
Obama nigger says 'Gimme dat money, rich blue-eyed devil'!
Al Franken Takes The Sentate, Paves Way For Nigger Obama Cap'n Trade
Obama Nigger Sells US Gold Reserves
Obama Says China, India Should Provide Energy For USA
Obama Nigger Flip-Flops...Again
Obama Nigger Becomes A Full Fledged Pussy, Feels Nigger Rich
Man Kills Nigger Beast, Shot by Uneducated Security Guard


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August 19, 2010 - Status Report


Obama Nigger Targets Everyday Americans

Obama Nigger Targets Everyday Americans

Well boy and girls, the Obama nigger has once again targeted everyday Americans with new legislation. This latest legislation states that the knuckle-dragger can target your house and fire upon you for the mere report that there might be terrorism going on inside. That's right, you can be shot because Buckwheat down the road said you hate niggers, or muslims, or might think the nigger's sausage casing, Valerie Jarrett, is just a whore he keeps close for convenience. Sounds like a drive-by, doesn't it? 
Typical of niggers everywhere.

Despite it's lack of constitutionality, the bill passed the senate unread and congress, also unread, and made it to his desk. Now signed, the Obama nigger may, on simply a whim, claim you are a TERRORIST and fire on you without an arrest or the typical warrants and due process afforded in the constitution. 
You'll simply be shot dead, lawfully. I wonder how liberals will feel about this once Republicans are back in office? Hmm.

In any course, it is for this reason that I have discontinued this blog, and this reason alone. I do however still read your comments and answer all of my personal messages.

Once the law is repealed in 2012 I'll return to release all of the reports you're missing. Your eyes will bug out, your head will hurt, and you'll pray for your country and your family.

It may not be fair, or just, but it's a necessity. This became even more so earlier this year when I was commissioned to join a political think tank, the group unaware of my racial convictions.


This is the case with many of us. We are hired or appointed because for our achievements and from there we attempt to keep our American ideals alive. Since that time I've consulted on several hundred issues relating to the human vs nigger debate, many including welfare and government spending.

While I'm away I trust that you'll keep the faith, knowing that I am doing what I can to keep you safe in these uncertain times. 
You are not alone.


Until next time my friends - For now and always - 


VBH - Vote White, Breed White, Hire White


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March 25, 2010 - America On The Offensive Against Obama Nigger, Social Security Bankrupt




Obama Nigger Speaks Flowers And Unicorns While America Fails

Obama Nigger Spins More While Rome Burns

Today it was announced that Social Security, America's biggest welfare plan thanks to politicians, is bankrupt. It will pay out this month more than it takes in, that means for everyone getting a check this month you're simply getting it from some poor 16 year old working at the crab shack.

Is that the fault of seniors? Of course not, they were told that they would pay into Social Security all their working lives in order to get that money back when they retired. It was a savings account. The problem is, as always, WASHINGTON. Politicians never, that's right, NEVER intended for that money to be locked away. They intended to control more money to provide more services and wield more power. 

Hmm, institute social programs and collect huge payments in order to expand government. 

That sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it?

Americans Revolt Against Obama Nigger

Americans Revolt Against Obama Nigger And Congress

  So in light of congress and the senate robbing Americans of their hard earned paychecks many regular everyday mothers and fathers have taken up a new sport - representative bricking. Several offices have been tagged by bricks thrown through windows, and one place even had a bullet fly through the window, though it was later found that the bullet was actually a stray that was shot into the air. Keep ignoring America and it'll only get worse, you stuck-up self righteous representatives.

Obama and other niggers want to be included

Niggers Hate Being Left Out, Claim Tea Party Members Called Them 'Niggers'

Not to be ignored, niggers in congress said, "Oh yeah, well we got called niggers and some white folks spit on us. Den dey call us niggers sum more. Oook Oook Eek Eek!"

The funny part is that NO ONE treated the nigger beasts like that. They were chanted at with phrases like, "Kill the bill", which I guess could sound like "Kill the nigger" to a sufficiently stupid coon, but to most people that's just not close enough to reality to make a federal case of it. In fact, there's now a $10,000 bounty on any video, witness accounts, or audio of the alleged "white attacks" on these he-boons in congress and the senate. This blogger throws the TNB flag down. Typical Nigger Bullshit I say
Heaven forbid there be any press around and someone's not talking about how poor and downtrodden the nigger animal is. "Hey, you 'member slavery? Yeah, gimme a dolla!"
If you were one of the lucky nigger-loving ass monkeys that saw a tea party member slam these apes that passed healthcare then get your butt over to and collect your $10,000. 

With all this going on, you'd think our favorite house nigger would be really cracking down on things here at home, right? Protect fellow democrats and handle America's business, right? 


Obama Nigger Is Muslim, And We All Knew It

Obama Nigger Lets More Of His Muslim Side Show, Slams Israel, Hugs Iran

The Shit-skin invited Israeli Prime Minister (and human being) Benjamin Netanyahu to talks on the Palestinian problem this week. When Mr. Netanyahu (our ONLY friend in the middle east) arrived he was taken into a tiny room and served a pitcher of water. 24 minutes later our Chief Chimp of a president arrived, shucking and jiving his way into the room. He then laid down what he thought Israel should do and where they should not build homes in their own capital, then requested an agreement. Mr. Netanyahu balked. This wasn't how you treated friends. 
It was more like how you'd treat the Israeli PM had you been the leader of Iran or Syria. It was how a muslim would treat a jew. 

And this is from the nigger president that bows to Saudi kings and hugs Hugo Chavez...

What could be worse? Well, there's the way Obama left the meeting. He stated, "Ok, well I'm going to go have dinner. Let me know if you change your mind." Then he simply left the little room and didn't return. He was polite enough to leave an aide behind to handle the capitulation message had the Israeli PM decided to give in. 

Obama Panders To Muslim Extremists

Obama Nigger Panders To His Muslim Bretheren

Thankfully Netanyahu told Obama to shove it up his old chocolate whizzway. I'm not a big Netanyahu fan but by God this guy knows that a nigger has no right to tell him what to do in his own country. Hopefully he has sense enough to know that the ape won't protect him either if Iran comes calling. Build, Israel. Build like you've never built before. And fuck the nigger. I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall on his ride back to the hotel as he called our muslim president the most creative names. 
Now, Mr. Netanyahu, you see the kind of typical nigger bullshit we have to put up with. It's only a shame this jigaboo hasn't been put in Nigger University yet so we can all go back to living our lives. 

There's one more thing I'd like to bring up before I close this entry. Russia. 
Our he-boon monkey-fucker of a president signed a new, more aggressive treaty with aging mother Russia this week promising to "disarm" the United States' nuclear weapons and decrease the number steadily over the next several years. To this Russia, which is having horrible financial problems and faces an aging nuclear arsenal it can't afford to maintain, said, "Yeah, sure! That sounds like a great idea. Us too!"

Obama, dear brother Barry, savior of the earth, called this a great new policy that would forever change America's relationship with Russia, and even with other countries like China and Iran (which he's easing sanctions on - Thanks for nothing, you muslim bastard) who fear the US might one day use it's weapons against an aggressor. 

Obama Nigger Caves To Russia

Obama Nigger Caves To Russia, Will Be Surprised By This Scene?

To which I agree, Obama Nigger. I agree wholeheartedly. You have begun to change America from a country that was powerful, charitable, and feared into a country that looks weak, debt ridden, and ripe for the picking. May God have mercy on all of us true Americans until such a time as we're out from under the thumb of this inhuman beast.

I've said it before, my friends. Buy your guns, buy your ammo. And buy gold and silver. If we're lucky you can sell them all in 3 years and be fine. If we're not at least you'll be prepared. 

Until next time my friends, carry the torch! VBH!

Vote White, Hire White, Breed White! VBH!










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March 22, 2010 - Nigger-Care is passed. See how nigger healthcare, the new welfare, will change your life

Nigger Healthcare Welfare, Take it or Die

Obama's Welfare Healthcare Program In Action

Well, it passed. It still has a few minor hurdles but for all intents and purposes it's over. Welcome to the Country, Comrades! Show me your papers.

Here's how the new Obama Nigger-care will affect us:

1. No more yearly or lifetime caps on insurance disbursements.
No longer can your insurance company say "Ok, we've paid over $2 million for your Aids treatments and related care. Your $312.00 a month just isn't ever going to pay us enough to cover it. We're going to part ways now. Good luck with your homo ways.

No, from now on they'll have to keep paying if they take you on as a client. The insurance company's fix? Pre-screen the hell out of EVERYONE. Take that, Obama.

2. Government option for pre-existing conditions. 
If you're sick and have no insurance ol' brother Barry and his nigglets will pay for you. Oh wait, that's the American taxpayer. Hmm. Guess I'm paying for your healthcare. You owe me a blowjob, you toothless crackwhore.

3. Parents of GROWN MEN AND WOMEN up to age 26 can be covered as children on their parent's insurance.
If you're a basement boy or a fat lazy college student party girl that got knocked up and has zero work ethic then you're in luck! You can now be put back on momma's titty and live off your parent's insurance until you're a ripe old 26, at which point you should have already found a job, bought a starter home, and had 1 - 2 children IF you were a responsible, hardworking adult of 26 years. Today's kids will probably just whine until the nigger ups the limit to 35. 

4. Seniors get more free prescriptions.
More seniors that make too much money to get free prescriptions can now save $250.00 a month on those prescriptions, thanks to this welfare plan. Don't want to spend your own money on meds? That's OK! Just spend your neighbors. The shit-skin in the white house said it's ok, so it must be ok right?

Now, that's all the 'goodies' that'll become immediately enacted, along with several taxes that anyone that makes over $60,000 a year will have to pay. But who cares, right? They make a whole $60,000! Fuck them! That's like, almost $30,000 each for a man and wife pair. Bastards are rich, right?

In 2014 we'll have more great and wonderful miracles come along. For instance:

1. Full Nigger-care Insurance. 
You'll be able to (and be required to) pay in to a national healthcare pool that will provide you insurance. Welcome to the country, comrades! Your money is my money and my money is that aids infected crackwhore's money. Hey, wait...

2. REQUIRED penalties for uninsured.
If you're unable to afford the new Nigger-care then Obama will force you to pay $695.00 a month, deducted from your paycheck, every month. This money will go into the national pool to pay for other people's healthcare. The bill will be $95.00 a month in 2014, then $350.00 in 2015, then 695 in 2016. Three years to go from 100 to 700.00. Nice one, Democrats! 
Good luck taking my money. It comes with a free case of lead. Don't forget to collect your share at the door.

3. Medicare will GROW to include all the bastard children and slutty unmarried mothers in America.
Even with companies telling Medicare patients that they won't accept Medicare anymore, the gubbyment is growing the program under Nigger-care. It's assumed they'll pass a bill before 2014 to force companies to accept Medicare, even if they lose money treating under the plan. For those of you that went to public school, assume you're a doctor. It takes you about $95.00 per patient to keep your practice open. Medicare pays $75.00 per patient. You're forced to take the $75.00 instead of charging $100, which would leave you a $5.00 profit. Instead, you'll end up losing $20.00 for every patient you see. You'll be out of business in less than a month at that rate. 
Then you won't have a doctor at all, Medicare patients! Great plan!

4. For a limited time, tax credits will offset cost for families. 
For a period of 3 years the Obama nigger will give you, every year on April 15th, a credit of a few percent of your monthly insurance payments to the Nigger-Care program. This is supposed to offset the cost. You pay $400 a month all year long and when you file your taxes you end up paying in $16.00 less. Nice eh? Gee thanks Nigger! Hold this rope while I start my truck. 

That's the rundown of the major changes, my friends. It's plain to see that this isn't made to HELP anyone, instead it just puts people more under government control AND takes more of your hard-earned wages from your babies' mouths and gives them to the welfare nigger. 

If any of this sounds unfair to you and you live in a democrat state  - CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES. You can give them any name and address you want, but call them and read them the riot act. Give 'em hell for sucking nigger dick and subsidizing more crack-addicted nigglets in the 'hood. 

Nigger Gorilla With Dead Nigglet

If you don't act now, you've only yourself to blame. 

Until next time my friends, VBH!

Vote White, Breed White, Hire White! VBH!



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March 21, 2010 - Healthcare is a RIGHT, Everyone should have health insurance, so says Obama Nigger

Obama Nigger and Congress spend MORE of your money

Obama Nigger And Congressional Lackeys Hijack More Taxpayer Money For Crackheads

Democrats today are claiming that they have the 216 votes necessary to pass this Healthcare bill. It's disgusting, but it might just happen in a few hours. We'll become a socialist state. Welcome, comrades, now show me your papers.

It's really great that everyone in the US will get something called health insurance, but it's not insurance at all. Insurance is something you purchase to prevent a devastating loss, like the loss of your house or car or in this case, your health. Insurance is a hedged bet. You buy it hoping you'll never use it.

Healthcare in the form the House is passing is instead what amounts to free money to go see the doctor. You'll pay $0 - $20.00 for an office visit depending on how serious you are with your crack habit, then get treated. Now, if a doctor's average office charge is $120.00 and the government pays $100 of that, that's not insurance at all. There's a better name for it. Ready? It's ...


That's right, you'll be getting money for nothing from the government. That's welfare, not insurance. We already have welfare and free clinics, this is just another way of offering you the same "assistance" but with a larger price tag to the American Taxpayer. It's not necessary, it's not a RIGHT, and it's absolutely constitutionally WRONG. 

Let me discuss rights for a moment. Our constitution says we have rights given to us by GOD. Ok, so you're an atheist. Let's say the rights are simply natural rights every human has when they're born. You have the right to be alive. That's a pretty good one, and it immediately negates the abortion issue. Life itself is a right. You have the right to be born, to collect your free helping of LIFE. What you do with that life is your own problem, but in America you have a written in stone right to come into existence. 

You have the right to Liberty in America. Liberty being the condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced labor. You don't have to work in America. You can live under a bridge, so long as you're not causing trouble and you're outside the city limit. (That gets into states rights, municipal rights, city rights, etc.) At any rate, you are free. 

Finally you have the right to the Pursuit of Happiness. Not happiness, but the PURSUIT of happiness. If it makes you happy to eat bon-bons all day and top the scales at 700 pounds then you're FREE TO PERSUE that. That doesn't mean the government is required to supply the bon-bons, just that you're free to try to live like that either by collecting donations or working as a coin squasher in the carnival. The point is that the government won't tell you that you can't until you start encroaching on the rights of others. 

Nowhere in the bill of rights does it say "You have the right to get prompt, free medical treatment for ingrown ass hairs". What's next? A RIGHT to free food and beer? 

Niggers begging for a handout

Free foodz? Ooo dat bees good! Gimme dat free stuff, you white debbil!

Free sounds great, but it's never free. SOMEONE is paying for it. And if someone else is paying for it then it is, after it's all said and done, 



When did we lose our pride in America and become just like the niggers we despise so much? There's a (now) old song that goes, "Hey, Hey the working man. Workin man like me!
Ain't ever been on welfare, and that's one place I won't be
'cause I'll be workin....
Long as these two hands are fit to use." 

We used to have pride in our accomplishments. Charity? Heck no! Keep your dollars, I'm a man that can make it. Period. I'm a man that - at the very least - will take a job picking up trash on the side of the highway to support myself and my family. I may never be rich, but by GOD I am capable of trying to be one day. And when that day comes I'll be happy to hire you on in my shop/factory/company so that you have the same opportunities I did. 

When did we start thinking our bosses and CEOs were out to get us or abuse us instead of looking at our jobs as temporary stepping stones to a better job OR as a simple rung on the ladder to a better position. 

When did we, collectively as a nation, GIVE UP on self reliance? 

The truth is that most of us haven't given up. Have you seen the Red River sandbagging going on right now?

Humans sandbagging the red river

Humans sandbag the Red River, voluntarily, without any help from socialist nigger government

Look at that pic a minute. You see any niggers? Absolutely not. Why? Because niggers want FREE protection from the river overflowing it's banks and thanks to these humans they're getting it. These people are working to save their homes and their neighbor's homes. They aren't saying, "Gimme a dolla". They're saying, "How can I help."

Niggers don't do that. They simply sit still like in New Orleans and wonder why they're drowning. 

I'm not saying they're wrong for being lazy, aggressive, thieving beasts, it's just nigger nature. I AM saying that you shouldn't mistake their chimplike faces for human though. You don't have a nigger volunteer unless it's via Nigger University (prison), and you damn sure don't make one President, unless you simply want it to screw up your entire country just like it has in every major city where the nigger beast breeds out of control. 

Maybe abortion is a good idea in downtown Detroit, but it would cost alot less to just ship the niggers back to Africa. 

Now that's legislation I could get benind.

Until next time, COMRADES, VBH!

Vote White, Breed White, Hire White - VBH!!



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March 19, 2010 - Obama Nigger Scared Of Fox News and Bret Baier, Tom Coburn Lays Down The Law

 Obama Nigger Scared Of Brett BaierBret Baier and his Hot Human Wife, Bret Scared Obama In His March Interview

Obama nigger gets his ass handed to him by Bret Baier (show with hot, HUMAN wife) in Fox News interview.

The Presidential Turd stain sucked in his gut, pushed his bull nigger head forward, and swaggered onto the set for his first (and maybe last?) formal interview with Fox news. As you know, the beast has ooked in the past that Fox News is an entertainment network and not "given to report accurate news". However when asked why he was doing it, his mouthguard Robert Gibbs said, "Alot of people watch Fox News and we want to reach them. Both Democrats and Republicans." Hmm...

So the interview started out with Baier and Shitskin sitting across from each other, Baier leaning forward with his notes on his lap and the Chimp leaning back with a "Don't touch me!" look on his face. You could tell it was going to be tense. 

Things went decently well, as well as can be expected when you have a human pretend to carry on an interview with an african animal, until the nigger started shucking and jiving with his answers. Obama started repeating the same old tired talking points. You know the ones, where he reads off the teleprompter and really doesn't say anything? He didn't have his teleprompter but he did memorize the words and jibbered them back at Baier in response to the question (which was VERY Tim Russert-like, RIP Tim.) about whether or not the backdoor Slaughter vote should be used for universal healthcare. 

Bret Baier Kills Obama on Fox News Interview

Bret Baier Kills Obama In Fox News Interview

Obama said, "I don't think (no duh...) people outside of Washington really care how it's passed." Baier was ready for this jigaboo jump and nailed him. " These are regular people from all over the country. Lee Johnson, from Spring Valley, California: “If the bill is so good for all of us, why all the intimidation, arm twisting, seedy deals, and parliamentary trickery necessary to pass a bill, when you have an overwhelming majority in both houses and the presidency?”
Sandy Moody in Chesterfield, Missouri: “If the health care bill is so wonderful, why do you have to bribe Congress to pass it?

Obama replies, "Bret, I get 40,000 letters or emails a day." (Ha ha ha ha! Isn't that TNB? You really think he was trying to measure dicks with you over how many emails his show received vs the white house's main email AND snail mail's numbers? Boot to the head!)

BAIER: "I know."
OBAMA: "I could read the exact same e-mail..."
(At this point Baier puts a thumb on the squirming nigger animal and brings him back to the point of the question)
BAIER: "These are people. It's not just Washington punditry."
OBAMA: "...What I'm concerned with is that we're fixing a broken system."
BAIER: "So you support the Deem and Pass rule?"
OBAMA: "I am not - "
BAIER: "You're saying it's that vote."
OBAMA: "What I'm saying is whatever they end up voting on — and I hope it's going to be sometime this week — that it is going to be a vote for or against my health care proposal. That's what matters."

Obama Nigger Scared Of Fox News

You can read the entire transcript here. At one point the nigger totally chimps out when he doesn't want to answer another question and starts ooking about his same old talking points when Baier re-nails him to the wall. Search the text for "BAIER: Couple more process things, quickly." and you'll get to read the entire "uh look, I uh...Look Bret...I...uh.." chimp chatter. 

When it was all said and done, Obama left in a huff and probably kicked a chair on his way out. Gibbs,ever the slimy car salesman, said "OMG he should at least let the PRESIDENT answer the question." That's the problem, Gibby. Your nigger didn't answer the question, he tried to worm his way out, which Bret apparently understands is TNB. He was on guard for just that type of nigger behavior. 

Today the nigger was quoted as saying, "Come on Democrats. My entire PRESIDENCY is on the line with this bill!" Like anyone cares if you get flushed down the toilet, like the turd you are. HA! 

Tom Coburn,

Tom Coburn, Representative with Balls

On the other side, Tom Coburn (R - Oklahoma) came out swinging with a pair of brass balls you could see from space. He said, and I respectfully quote, "If you said you’d vote no but you then vote yes, and you lose your election and you think that any nomination to a federal position isn’t going to be held in the Senate, I’ve got news for you. It’s gonna be held. Number two is, if you get a parochial deal for you or your district, I’ve already instructed my staff and the staff of seven other senators will look at every appropriations bill at every level, at every instance, and we will outline it by district AND we will associate that with the buying/selling of your vote…..

So if you think you can cut a deal now, and it will not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that it isn’t going to happen — and be prepared to defend your vote in the House."

God bless Coburn for what, in essence, is a declaration of war on the Obama nigger's chicago politics. If you take a deal from this nigger, we will slaughter you. Period.


Until next time, VBH!

Vote White, Breed White, Hire White - VBH!



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