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Obama is nothing but a fucking nigger. Its about time someone finally said it.

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March 19, 2009 - Obama Nigger Gets His Budget Passed, gets busy spending it

Our favorite Obama Nigger has been fighting tooth and nail to get more "gummint" (government, for those of you that don't speak nigger)  programs passed in the few weeks I've been away. It seems this porch monkey can't turn around without another wonderful government spending program popping into his head. 

Let's take a peek at what all he's shoved into the budget. The new budget for 2010 will cause a $1.79 TRILLION deficit, the absolute largest deficit in history. Wow.

Keep in mind that the Chief Coon promised to end earmarks and pork. Obviously the lure of money and typical nigger greed has pushed Obama to sign the bill anyway since he said on live tv that "I have no reservations at all about this bill." Oh reallaaay???

Obama Nigger Spends Your Tax Dollars on Reefer


First, like every Democrat president we've ever had, he's cut the military again. This time by 2 billion in "frivilous costs" at the Pentagon. Those frivilous costs are for planners, designers, and several other small supporting positions that the Obama nigger thinks don't deserve a job. Instead, he threw more money at road improvement, pay raises for teachers, and pay raises for congressional support staff. 

Now, I'm all for teachers making more money, but not at the expense of our military. And why are congress' staff members more important than those that support our military? This is truely the only president I've seen in all my years that has me genuinely concerned that he'll drive the country into the ground. Why not just turn the military off like Canada is considering?

After all, we know for a fact that the Obama Beast is a fan of communism (root word - Commune...As in "live in a commune") so what's to stop him from inviting Castro up for a visit. May as well leave him in the white house afterward, right? Or Chavez? Or even Putin? He's got nothing to do now that he's not "prez" anymore. 

Obama Nigger Expands IRS and gives them super powers

Speaking of cutting, You're cutting corners on your taxes, Our Obama Nigger says. The Black Jesus doesn't like you stealing from him by not reporting that penny you found on the sidewalk. To make sure you stay honest, he's spending $350 million to hire new IRS agents that will have expanded abilities to detain and audit American citizens

If you can still read after hearing that (and haven't run for your life from this insane nigger) then get this: The Obama Administration has taken the pro-terrorist tactic of banning the "T" word. Now instead of terrorist acts, we have "manmade catastrophic events". Like a hurricane or a tornado, I guess we're to get used to terrorist activity in America. Since we'll have no military or no vets, who's going to stop them? They don't have any money so those 350 million bucks worth of IRS agents won't help. 

Obama nigger hates farmers. Tells them go away.

Barack Obama also chimped out when he saw how much tax dollars went to farmers. "Who de fuk dey bees? Why dey need mah munnie?!?!" His new budget promptly cut funding to farmers by 25%. Not 25 dollars, 25 PERCENT of the farming population. 

Shortly after that he stopped payments on storage of farmed goods. If you can't sell it, and you can't eat it, then fuck it. That's the nigger way. Although, the fuck option is always tried first in nigger circles. Fuck it, then eat it. If you stole it, sell it. 

Moving on (our prayers are with our farmers. Thank you for your service!) we get to a sketchy and scary section of the bill. Obama's administration said "We're not doing that, you must be high." but the very next day Obama said it's happening and it showed up in the bill....$177 billion will be cut from Medicare to make way for Government healthcare, Obama's pet project. If he can't tell you what is worth fixing then he's decided the presidency isn't worth having. "I tell you when to get your arm fixed. I tell you when to get a flu shot. I tell you when to get cancer treatment. Thus sayeth the Black Jesus.

How he's going to pay for this Government Health Care was always in question but now that the walking shitstain is showing his true brown colors we know that we'll be footing the bill. In his very own earmark Obama set aside another $634 billion from the 2010 budget to use as a down payment (only a down payment!?!?) on his albatross. Where's the money coming from, you ask? 

I'll tell you - He's raising taxes (OMG Republicans were right!) on families making over $200k/year. But wait, there's more. Those bastards that dare to make so much are also claiming deductions! BURN THEM!!!

Obama, in his infinite wisdom is removing or drastically cutting those families' tax deductions, but only for a few things they'll never miss like home mortgage interest and charitable donations

If that isn't asshat crazy, I don't know what is. There is absolutely no good reason you can cut every major part of the national budget then have to tax the already strapped American people to pay for your own bullshit policies. Most of us don't mind paying our fair share. Hell, I even give to charity myself every quarter, but I do it because I want to, not because some jigaboo sitting in the white house tells me I must. Tax and spend is getting out of hand. And it's not just this nigger's fault, but every ass kissing politician in Washington as well. What can you do about it? Here's an idea







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March 19, 2009 - This nigger has to go.

Posted by Anonymous
I can't believe the stupidity of the American public. Anyone who voted this nigger in to office is an idiot. This chimp is a communist and should be impeached or better.
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March 19, 2009 - LET THEM EAT CAKE

Posted by Anonymous
To all the Dipshits that voted for that black turd, now you can eat cake with the most fucked up economy since the great depression.

Obambo went from a message of HOPE and YES WE CAN, to I inherited it. FUCKING NIGGER, what happened to fixin' it and hope and yes we can? What a crock of nigger lies and black trash shit.

We don't give a shit about your nigger blame game, which the demonuts controlled during Bush's tenures anyway, they, not the Republicans controlled both fucking houses!
So, get off your nigger ass and fix the God Damn economy!

People vote with their wallets, and the most fucked up economy has been brought on by Obambo, period!

Stock market is down 27% since that nigger won; housing prices have plummeted 17% nationwide since that black bastard won; jobless claims and unemployment have fucking fallen into the shitter since that coon lipped black bitch won.

Black is beautiful? Yeah, I just shitted a God Damn masterpiece...
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March 20, 2009 - They will fuck anything up

Posted by Anonymous
More proof that niggers ruin anything they touch. Look at the inner cities and anywhere there is section eight housing.
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March 26, 2009 - time to split

Posted by Anonymous
we need to split this country into two, democrats and republicains,because these fucking liberial fucking socialist democrates are going to run this country into the fucking ground, FUCK YOU BIG LIPPED NIGGER OBAMA!
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November 8, 2010 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Your a dick !

Did you even know you had a tax rebate ! What a moron you are just like most republicans you know fuck all about anything I'm from Scotland and ive forgotten more than you know. In an age with computers google YouTube your still a twat .sad your probably middle-class and ignorant as well as a racist prick grow up oh by the way im white I'm glad most people are nothing like you .
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