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Obama is nothing but a fucking nigger. Its about time someone finally said it.

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August 24, 2009 - Obama Nigger Chops Up Healthcare Horsepill, Lowers Social Security

Obama Nigger As the Fifth Element Gay Nigger

Obama Nigger (thanks to 5th Element for the outfit) walks on water

Our favorite nigger came out this week with an end run play that finally pissed off
Democrats, though not nearly enough to do anything. The Great Ape said, "Ok, so if we can't get the public healthcare thing passed we'll just pass everything BUT that and that way you congressmen and senators won't catch so much flack when you have town meetings." Democrats were told it was balls-to-the-wall on the public option. Now they're being told it's not going to happen. It's slated for a later battle. 

This leaves those that supported Brother Barry in the lurch, unsure if they need to push anymore or just drop it. Obama then sent out a memo that told them he was still pushing a public option...After telling the PEOPLE it wasn't necessary? So...Who's he lying to

Obama Nigger Ape Can Take It All Away Once He Has It

Obama Nigger Wants It All - To Dole It Out In Rations

Meanwhile taxes on healthcare in the private sector are still going up. In our state employers are paying over 48% more for 2009-2010 health insurance than they did in 2008-2009. This means for a typical small business, if you're paying to keep your hardworking employees working and healthy then your bill WAS around $280,000, your new bill for this year would be $414400!!!

With small businesses taking hits left and right (And large businesses too, they're not exempt.) who can afford that? The answer is no one can for long. That's the point. If you work for a company that has less than 500 employees you're likely to be swapped over to the government's plan. Why? Because the 'penalty' for not providing healthcare for your employees would be about $120,000 in the case above. The small business may not be able to afford half a million in insurance fees so they'll opt for the $120,000 option from Uncle Obama. 

Obama Nigger Puts The Entire Country On Welfare

Obama Nigger Puts The Entire Country On Welfare

Welcome to welfare, you hardworking American. Bet you never thought you'd be reduced to nigger status, with your hand out to the government. Surprise! Like all niggers, Barack Hussein Obama is a crab in a bucket. He doesn't want you to succeed. He wants to be the sole ruler without anyone crossing that line into freedom - the line where you don't depend on the government but instead you sail through life by the sweat of your brow, collecting, saving, and spending the fruits of your labor as you see fit. 

If you're not on the welfare line he can't control you fully. That's not allowed. Who do you think you are? You don't work for YOU, you work for the gub'ment! Turn your wages over to the King Nigger before you squander them on food and shoes. Then STFU and get back to work, slave.


Obama Nigger Attacks Medicare and Social Security

Obama Gives Senior Citizens The Finger

Finally, Obama's latest fun-fact is that Social Secuirty payments are going down. That's great for the treasury, right?
Well, sort of...It's not that they're paying less, but that they're raising the rates for Medicare, which is insurance for the elderly. They weren't content to raise the rates on private insurers, but they need to grub more money from senior citizens to help fund their socialist path. 

Also, they're NOT giving a cost of living increase this year. Hey, the cost of living isn't any higher! Nevermind that milk is up 18% from last year, eggs are up about 12%, and fresh fruit is up over 19%. 

No, the cost of living hasn't changed at all....If you're a po' ol' nigger livin' in da white house.


Until Next Time - VBH! Vote white, breed white, hire white!

Until next time, my friends - VBH!



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August 24, 2009 - and

Posted by Anonymous
we'll give obamanigger the finger in 2012
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August 24, 2009 - obama the cocksucker

Posted by Anonymous
go fuck yourself g-d commie cocksucker
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August 28, 2009 - obama.....

Posted by Anonymous
is a lying fucking nigger-shit stain
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August 31, 2009 - Hey euronigger...

Posted by Anonymous that a picture of you at the top of the page?

That color is so you bitch!

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August 31, 2009 - hay wait...

Posted by Anonymous
i get me a gub'ment check too. heres the difference, im a marine on my second enlistment and not a goddamn leech. i actually put in a good hard day's work for my gub'ment check.
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September 3, 2009 - asdf

Posted by Anonymous
Stop telling your self that white people are better than black people to make your self feel good.

Now he's president and cry more.
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September 4, 2009 - To asdf...

Posted by Reality
"Stop telling your self that white people are better than black people to make your self feel good.
Now he's president and cry more."

OH! We have a new nigger participating now! Have you replaced the euronigger? What does "asdf" stand for? Hmmm...let me guess. Is it -

A simian dumb fuck?

Look simian boy, we don't need to be critical of coons to make ourselves feel better.

You niggers should be more concerned about YOUR actions and characteristics that make you inferior.

It is your race that has been crying and looking for a hand out for decades now.

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September 5, 2009 - evolution

Posted by Anonymous
has done little if anything for you fucking SHUT THE FUCK UP SHIT-STAINS
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September 8, 2009 - @ eveloution...

Posted by Anonymous are correct.

Look how civilized the niggers are in Sierra Leone.

And the voting population put nigger hussein obongo in the White House?

I think we should bring some of those "blood diamond" apes over here and have them hack up obongo and his gorilla wife.
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September 9, 2009 - Whoa

Posted by Anonymous
I can't believe how fucking stupid this is. Get a fucking life.
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September 9, 2009 - To Whoa...

Posted by Anonymous this any more stupid than a site like

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September 11, 2009 - The only official day of service should be...

Posted by Anonymous
..the day we put nigger obama in the ground after he is killed.
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September 13, 2009 - also to whoa;

Posted by Anonymous
you love niggers? can get in the "go fuck yourself" line too.
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September 13, 2009 - Hey;

Posted by Anonymous
this is Joe Biden; I don't like niggers either. that fuck'n nigger obama thinks i'm stupid. one of these day's i'm gunna cap that niggers ass.
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September 14, 2009 - To Joe Biden...

Posted by Anonymous
..It can't be you.

Joe couldn't type a sentence.

But, I do support the bullet thing in obongo's head.
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September 16, 2009 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
I think obama is fuckin stupid nigger like the rest of them...that dumb nigger is trying to pull the white people down like the rest of the dumb niggers that dont work out there...stupid fuckin niggers...i think they should take all the niggers in america and send them back to africa...hey dumb niggers your free so go back home and let us live you dumb fuckin niggers...all niggers do or should i say dont do haha...oh wait the spread diseases and dont know how to work and if they do they cry the whole time...fuck all you dumb niggers go back home!!!
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October 6, 2009 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
hahah a black guy smarter than you , somebodys jealous!
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October 13, 2009 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Well it is about time someone has spoken up about the bullshit that the government is doing and btw the i will dance for bannannas piture nearly made me piss my pants
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October 23, 2009 - Obama

Posted by lordwindishmere
The older I get the more I realize how right my late father was. Dad always use to say "Never send a nigger to do a white man's job".
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November 7, 2009 - niger

Posted by Anonymous
u no what good niger is a fucking deid one
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November 25, 2009 - Like Hell I'm Going To Let Some Black President Help Me Pay For Dialysis

Posted by DAN LAIRD
Like Hell I'm Going To Let Some Black President Help Me Pay For Dialysis

I take pride in who I am. Always have, always will. I've worked hard my whole life and have never taken anyone's charity, and I'm not about to start now, no matter what. I'm telling you, there's no way I'm going to sit back and let some black president of the United States try to devise a structure to help me pay for the dialysis treatment I so desperately need to survive.

Not over my dead body.

Just who does this Afro-American occupant of the highest office in the land think he is, anyway? Look, I've got nothing against black people, but some of them act like the whole world owes them something. For example, important government subsidies on my dialysis.

You know, I don't recall asking for some black commander in chief to embrace protections that would prohibit insurance companies from dropping my coverage on a whim and operating as if my continued existence on earth were nothing more than a strategic liability. Plus, if I go along with this progressive health-benefits scheme, he'll probably hold it over my head every time I receive vital care with the aid of the government to which I already pay taxes.

Sorry. I've got too much self-respect for that.

Obama needs to know that there's still one American willing to watch his body drown in its own deadly internal toxins rather than have long-overdue reform crammed down his throat.

Fact is, nobody wants some too-big-for-his-britches black president butting in to suggest that everyone, including me, needs to be treated with dignity. Yet this Obama thinks he can just waltz in and and tinker with a health care system that destroys people like myself every single day.

Can you imagine what'd it be like if he weren't just half black?

Seriously, when Obama's done drumming up support for legislation that might allow me to see my daughter graduate from college and prevent me from dying before my 50th birthday, what's next on the agenda? Will he try to keep my life's savings from evaporating in a stock market that operates free of serious governmental oversight? Is there any aspect of capitalism run amok that this guy won't tamper with? Really, Obama, thanks but no thanks. The last person I need help from is some black leader of the federal government in a position to perhaps improve my quality of life.

The worst part is that I'll have to put up with this guy being a black president for at least three more years. I guess all I can do is try to hold out for the 2012 election. Maybe then we'll get a white president back in office. Maybe he'll have the common decency to let me suffer in peace.
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November 25, 2009 - Another George Taylor Anagram

Posted by Anonymous
Ego Orgy Alert
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December 24, 2009 - pop culture

Posted by Anonymous
its important that the black person (acting like a niger) be cool and what everyone wants to be like. Its cool to be care free and not serious. Obama struts around like a care free person, just like a pop culture niger. The kind of niger the blacks would be proud to call a "niger". Remember though, only blacks can call them nigers, the rest of us are wrong to do so. See, the term niger, is only a bad term if it comes from a non black. Its not the word that is wrong, it is in fact the origin who says the word who is wrong. This is wrong from its foundation. The President is a cool niger. Opps, that was wrong of me to say! Why? Because I'm not black not because what I'm saying isn't truthful. What a bunch of bull crap we are conditioned to believe!!
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January 5, 2010 - thank god

Posted by Anonymous
Thank god someone is saying the stuff a lot of us are thinking. I believe our (whites) biggest problem, other than that racist, bone in the nose nigger we have in the white house, is the fact that it is hard for us to organize and unite. We are called racist at every turn. We are giving this country away. Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him. We need another assasin to take this nigger out, and then we need to make that guy a martyr.
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January 5, 2010 - white whores

Posted by Anonymous
Its not only these worthless, no working, government loving, pathetic niggers we have to worry about. We have an epidemic on our hands. It seems white women think it is so cool to have a trist with a nigger, or a spick. We have to be careful, it is the white woman who will let these niggers into our culture, not the men. They will breed with these niggers. Then, these niggers will of course, not take care of the kids, the government will. Then there will be more half breeds for the next generation. How do you think they will vote. RACE WAR NOW!
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January 5, 2010 - WHITE FATHER

Posted by Anonymous
I am a father of two daughters. I have provided them both with a wonderful upbringing, education, a loving home, healthcare, etc. Now one of my daughters is dating a no working, lazy, stupid nigger. I HAVE NO CONTACT WITH HER ANYMORE DUE TO THIS. People think i am the bad guy. But what if she has a kid with this nigger. Who will take care of it, not that lazy nigger who played football at the local college, (but was too stupid and lazy to get an education). I told her I will always love her, but I could not support what she is doing. It is bigger than just our family I tried to explain. What she is doing is an abomination, but it is the new Obama-nation. Just another way the niggers will get everything we love and hold dear. These black men treat the white women like it is a "notch in the belt". They do not want to care for our white princesses. They want the white princesses to take care of them. If you are a father, and are facing this, try to explain the consequences to these women. They do not understand what they are doing.
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January 5, 2010 - Lazy niggers and stupid white women

Posted by Anonymous
Two weeks ago my brother called me to tell me this. He lives in the same small town as my younger sister. My sister is in college, and is 20 years old. My brother is 24 years old. She called him at midnight, on a wed., to ask him to change her tire. Of course he got up and went over to change her tire, with no questions asked. However, when he got to the car (pulled onto a residential street with plenty of lighting) my stupid sister was giving 3 black men a ride from the club, along with her two white friends. My brother changed her tire---then asked those niggers, (one who was 25 years old) why none of those men could change her tire. They said nothing. Sorry ass niggers couldn't even man up to change a tire. I don't know which is stupider, a lazy nigger, or the stupid white women who are with them.
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January 11, 2010 - Obama Nigger

Posted by Anonymous
Unfairly, I hear people compare Obama to terrorists, communists, and extremists like Adolf Hitler. That just aint fair, guys. You need to realize that these types of people commonly have a lot more experience than Obama Nigger does.

If Obama Nigger was a white man with pink gums and lips with piercing blue eyes, like me, he would have never made it past the primary election. He could have never made it passed Hilary Clinton (daemon lady), if he wasn't a nigger.

I remember the good-old-days when people had jobs, the Nobel Prize was earned by great minds, and and our government pretended to make niggers believe that they were important. Now they are running the best country in the world!

Look at the where niggers came from. Africa should be the wealthiest place in the world, because of the minerals, fruits, and exotic organisms that live there. However, niggers don't have enough class to govern themselves well enough to take advantage of it, and so it is the poorest place. One of the most fascinating places in the world, is infested with HIV and who the Hell knows as well as the quickest place to get yourself killed.

My point is that niggers don't have any sense, dignity, or class. How in the Hell did this dude win a United State's Presidential Election? I didn't vote for him and don't know very many other people who will admit to have voted for him. Of course, Anyone besides a nigger won't admit to voting for Obama Niger even if they did.

I say we we rally together and put Joe Wilson or some other WHITE person in office that still believes in the American dream, working to achieve it, and and run these niggers back to the jungle where they act like they belong as well as actually do belong. We would have to take them, because most niggers are as afraid of water as they are a bar of soap.

I wonder if anybody will read this!
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January 13, 2010 - To Whoever Wrote This Article:

Posted by Anonymous
Seriously? is this America or Nazi Germany? The only monkey dancing for a banana is you, asshole. If you think people are going to get on board with this you are the biggest moron in the world. Obama may not be exactly like you or meet your standards but America is about tolerence and the reason he is the leader of this country and you aren't is because he has a functioning brain and you CLEARLY do not. SEEK HELP ASAP!! Race is not a choice but tolerence is!
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January 15, 2010 - Niggers

Posted by I Hate You
You are absolutely fucked ... but you write well and even funny at times.
But you're fucked ... and an idiot.
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January 18, 2010 - send coon homeie

Posted by rot niger
Send gorillas back, so they can watch children starve to death because they are nothing but useless trash.
Have you see the African Space Shuttle,no, that's because these animals couldn't even make a cup. If it wasn't for this murdering useless government,the chip would die.
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March 16, 2010 - You people are all idiots ...

Posted by Anonymous
I don't know how I stumbled upon this crap but before I leave I wanted to say ... you people are all IDIOTS!! I cannot believe that I live in the same country with people like you!! You are a horrible shame to white Americans everywhere, including myself.
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March 27, 2010 - detestable

Posted by Anonymous
this nigger cocksucker... jokebama... detestable.
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March 28, 2010 - Nigga President

Posted by Anonymous
I don't have a probelm with a nigger president. I do have a probelm with a muslim running this country. If I could have picked a black president it would have been someone like soul brother James Brown or Fred Sanford instead of some coconut nigga from Hawaii.
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April 3, 2010 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Irish lad
Is this site run by the KKK? You people are racists!
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April 16, 2010 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
The worse part about niggers is that their music is now followed by hypnotic tracks. Stinky curry eating Hindis and Sandniggers are their backers.
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June 8, 2010 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
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September 22, 2010 - fuck obama

Posted by Anonymous
fucking negrobama. I hope he gets impeached, loses all his money and has to get a job picking cotton.
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October 14, 2010 - blacks

Posted by Anonymous
Does anyone know the difference between Dog Shit and a black person?

Dog Shit stops stinking and turns white! HaHaHa!
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August 24, 2011 - Wow

Posted by Anonymous
The level of intellect on this website is shocking. I did not check all of the comments but I don't think a single one was written without a curse word or a racial slur. The health care plan does have some things that could use some changing but there are good sides of it as well. Not even the constitution has gone without change since it was created. How could you expect something that is so new to be perfect? Please go wash your mouth out and then come back to discuss this topic when you have crawled out from underneath the rock you are living under.
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August 24, 2011 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous
Oh so this is where all the un-educated white trash come to talk politics?! I always find it amusing to watch them talk politics. It's especially amusing because they all think they know what they are talking about. In actuality they are just a bunch of trash talking nobodies that don't have the common sense God gave a rock or the intelligence of an insect.
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May 29, 2012 - KPtLFlAUKMPl

Posted by Ahmet
oh sue, do what you have to do, but ..all i know is if you're even writing about the opioptunrty'tells me imho that you need to stay with your program.(little f'r is in there doing push-ups)do what it takes to keep it up,and it sounds like sub has been a big part of it.there are programs available to get sub for free.try another dr if it comes down to it.i was in that boat,and ended up switching drs in order to stay with it.the dr i switched to at the time had a crappy program,but i would have been at a loss without anything it takes to stay with your program of recovery.
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September 21, 2012 - sorry as country

Posted by Anonymous
it is us , white people that are sorry asses..we have let the niggers,and fags take over,,and we allowed the white whores be with the niggers...we also let our what they was our gov.that put the nigger in the ex-white house..not the voters...if you think your vote means anything,then we have lost everything..WE NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AND GET OUR COUNTRY BACK---GOV.FOR THE PEOPLE.NO NIGGERS,,NOT FAGS..
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October 26, 2012 - OBLAH BLAH-THE NIGGER!

Posted by Anonymous
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November 18, 2012 - Jihad!!

Posted by Anonymous
NoBama...I call on all white people to join hands and initiate Genocide, ridding our land of undesirable, ignorant nigers! We need to start with the entertainers, followed by politicians, groups like black panthers and NAACP, then send all the rest of the nigers to an island with promises of free chicken and koolaid and nuke their asses!!! Death to nigers!!!
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November 29, 2014 - obama

Posted by Anonymous
Please, Obama is NOT a negro. He is in fact a MULATTO.
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December 4, 2015 - Wow I must confess y

Posted by Felipe
Wow I must confess you make some very trhecnant points.
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