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Obama is nothing but a fucking nigger. Its about time someone finally said it.

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March 18, 2010 - Obama Nigger Says "Vote like it's passed already", Doctors and Pharmacies Revolt

Obama Nigger Says Vote Like It's Already Passed

The Obama Beast Chimps Out Over Healthcare

What a busy week! The Obama Nigger has been chimping out  about his Nigger Welfare version of healthcare. He said "Vote on it this week, Pelosi." and she complied. A vote is now scheduled for Sunday - but wait, what's this? It's not a vote on Healthcare at all? 

 That's right, the shitskin has fully endorsed a vote, but not on the healthcare bill he dreams about at night. Instead Congress and the Senate will vote on AMENDMENTS to the bill with a little fine print at the bottom that reads "THIS AMENDMENT ASSUMES THE HEALTHCARE BILL IS AFFIRMED AND PASSED". 

They're voting on a tacked on list of proposals that, if passed, will grandfather in this massive tax! It's the most backdoor, reach around, ass dipped way to pass any legislation and they're doing it with a 2500 page $1 trillion bill. Republicans can bitch and moan, but they're powerless. Constituents can yell and scream "NO No NO!!!" but they're going unheard. 

Every human with any nigger experience saw this coming. Backdoor dealings, stealing, threats, it's the nigger way. Now that the Washington pussies have a yard ape in office pushing buttons and backhanding members of Congress they don't know what to think. Human beings discuss problems, niggers simply chimpout and throw a fit. The ONLY way to deal with a nigger in full chimpout is with a rap to the skull OR let the beast's temper tantrum run it's course. Maybe Rahm Emanuel will drop a plate of dead babies (his usual morning breakfast) on the nigger's head and calm him down but I doubt it. I think the Senate is sackless, Congress is ghost-white scared, and everyone is waiting to see what the ape will destroy next. 

 The problem with this isthat he's a nigger with power, and that's a dangerous thing. There won't be anything left to destroy once this bill takes hold. We'll end up paying over 70% of our income in taxes, fees, and other "required" payments to the government while (LINKS NOT SAFE FOR WORK) crackheads, welfare niggers, and trailer trash meth heads sit around waiting for their next 'gubment' check. 

You'll work from Monday to Thursday just to pay them off, then Thursday and Friday you work to pay your own bills. Is that fair? Is that what Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson had in mind? 

Obama Causes George Washington To Roll Over In His Grave

Obama Nigger Is Destroying America

In response to this week's destructive attack on America, many pharmacies and doctors have posted signs saying they'll not accept Medicare patients. The first to do this is Bartell Drugs, which is a large chain in Washington State, but yesterday everyone's favorite  Walgreens, which is one of the largest medicare prescription stores in the country, joined the fight. They say Medicare pays less and less on prescriptions and it's finally to the point where they're losing money on almost every Medicare patient. 

According to the Obama Welfare system Walgreens and Bartell should just give the drugs away and be happy that the nigger allows them to open their doors every day. Instead they're going bust because of over-regulation, fees and licenses, and taxes on individual franchisees. Remember when I told you about regulations on Doctors? Well Pharmacies are no different. The government tells them "You have to have this equipment, you have to pay these fees, you have to have these sub-licenses, you have to have these particular insurance plans from these providers." All of which drives up the cost on that bottle of Viagra you bought this morning. 

Then the government tells them "You have to charge 91.00 for this bottle of pills that cost you 92.00." 

That's no way to run a business. I'm sure you can see where pharmacies might be upset. 

The fix for Medicare costs

Thank goodness there's a fix for the problem of Medicare insanity

As for doctors, they're doing the same thing. If you're on Medicare you should call your doctor today and make sure they'll still cover you. Several practices across the nation have STOPPED accepting new Medicare patients for the same reason. 

I don't know about you, but I'm still driving the price of Gold up with weekly additions to my stockpile. I'm also stocked up on ammo and I've enough guns to pass down to through the family for generations. The shit is hitting the fan, my friends. Be prepared. 


Until next time (which might be tomorrow the way this is winding up) - VBH!

Vote White, Breed White, Hire White! VBH!




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March 17, 2010 - Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) Gets Nigger Strong-Armed On Air Force One, States Vow A Fight


Kucinich Whipped By Nigger Obama On Air Force One

Kucinich Whipped Aboard Air Force One By Nigger President


 Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is voting in favor of the Obama nigger's health care package he announced today, even though he stands by his criticisms that the legislation does not go far enough. You see, Ol' Dennis is a raging liberal known for his quotes about space aliens and how the US should "rock out" more instead of being such "downers". WTF? The guy's absolutely nuttier than a Payday bar but he swore up and down that he would NOT support the Obama Wel-care bill - that is until the knuckle-dragging ape called Kucinich to a meeting aboard Air Force One. 

Kucinich nervously getting aboard Air Force One

Kucinich nervously getting on Air Force One, turning for a photo op.

The conversation was, of course, not taped but I imagine it went like this:

Nigger: So you know why I got you up heah?

Dennis: You want me to vote on Universal Healthcare.

Nigger: Yeah, you gonna do it to, now ain't ya? (pokes a finger against Kucinich's chest, pressing hard.

Dennis: What?

Nigger: (slaps Kucinich across the face with a backhand) I say, You gonna vote for my bill, bitch!

Dennis: OMG You just hit me!

Nigger: (slaps Kucinich twice more to drive home the point) Bitch what I say? You want me to cut up that pretty little redhead wife o' yors?

Dennis: OMG! Please don't! Don't hit me anymore. I...I...I'll vote on it, just leave her alone. 

Nigger: Uh huh. What I thought, bitch. (spits on Kucinich) Yoo know how much we lub dem redhead white girls. I cut her up real good after I fuck her in the ass. 

Dennis: Ok, I'll vote on it. You don't have to worry about me anymore. 

Nigger: (to the pilot) Land this mu-fugga. Got me a vote. Glad we kin do bidness congressman. You be a good boy now and run off home. Don't you talk about me neither or you know what be comin....

Dennis: I won't say anything. I'll just vote. I...I'm sorry.

Nigger: Hmph.

Obama Nigger Slaps Kucinich with a backhand

Obama Nigger Beats Dennis Kucinich Into Submission

So maybe that happened, maybe it didn't, but little Dennis was never the same after that plane ride with the Nigger beast. He came off the plane quiet and withdrawn, not talking to anyone. Then today he says, "I'll support the President's healthcare bill." And with that we've ample proof that this Jigaboo's Chicago tactics are working in Washington just like they did in Illinios. Beat your opponent, bribe your opponent, or threaten their families and you'll get what you want. Just make sure no one sees you do it. Right Blagoyovitch?

It's a sad day when someone the American people thought they could depend on knuckles under to the yard ape. I may not have liked Kucinich's policies but his constituents voted him in and stood behind him when he said, "NO". Will they stand behind him in when it's time for re-election? 

 Would you? Click here and send a message to ALL Democrats in congress at once

Thankfully we have an entire state that grew a set of balls - Idaho. The governor of Idaho today signed a measure that REQUIRES the state to sue the federal government if it forces any person to buy health insurance. Thank God for potatoes! 37 other states are also passing measures like this one but so far they're just talking about it. 

I know what you're thinking. Idaho has a set, so where's Texas in all this? Never fear, Texans. Governer Perry said way back in July of 2009 that while he hoped that the House would defeat the socialist bill, he'd fight it tooth and nail if it passed. "I’m certainly willing and ready for the fight if this administration continues to try to force their very expansive government philosophy down our collective throats."

Sounds like Gov. Perry should take the Obama nigger on a plane ride, Texas Style!


Texan F16, Fighting Niggers since 2009

Texas, The Lone Star Anti Nigger State

Until next time my friends, VBH!

VBH! Vote white, breed white, hire white



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March 15, 2010 - Obama Nigger Pays A Little More For Healthcare Votes, Ignores Job Losses

Obama Nigger Lies Even More and Buys Healthcare Votes

Obama Nigger Lies Like A Wool Rug, Now With Scratch And Sniff Fried Chicken Smell!


 The Obama Nigger came out swinging today on his bid for Wel-Care (ObamaCare) by postponing his trip to Asia and instead heading to Iowa to campaign for votes. "You gotta, You gotta understand that Healthcare is a RIGHT. I don't want anyone dying because they didn't have health insurance." Nevermind that people are happy with their current healthcare, and nevermind that people are 8x more concerned with the current JOBS market and the economy. "We're focused on Healthcare right now." he chimped. "We know people need healthcare - they need jobs too - but right now we're dealing with healthcare."

This and other lines of tripe slipped from his lips like watermelon juice on a summer day. He is pushing harder and harder to get people to see themselves as the poor and downtrodden if they don't have insurance. The problem with this is that people aren't stupid. They know that you can't pay $400/month for a family of 5 one month then add another 8 million families and end up paying LESS. If a person can't afford their own health insurance what makes you think they can afford theirs PLUS some crack head in downtown Detroit? I don't want to pay for that crackhead to get patched up after a bad night. Do you?


Crackhead Niggers Need Healthcare Reform

Please help this nigger by passing Wel-Care and paying mo' to de gub'ment so's he can has sum free meds!


 People hated the idea of "Government Healthcare" 16 years ago. The Obama Ape's plan was called "Universal Healthcare" for a while but now that polls are going even more in reverse for the plan they've started calling it "Healthcare Reform" because, hey! Everyone loves reform! That's a good thing, right? Don't be fooled, my friends. There's no reform in this bill, it's just the same power grab from the Brother Barry that we've come to expect time after time. He's not calling for tort reform, which might actually lower insurance costs. Instead he's calling for cheaper prescriptions and capped payments to doctors. Do you know that lawsuit insurance is your doctor's highest bill aside from equipment? Actually, in smaller mom and pop practices it's over 10x as much as their equipment costs. 

 Imagine if you ran a candy shop and instead of buying flour, sugar, and a bunch of shelves for your candy you had to buy government mandated  "Choking insurance" for $1 million/year. Then you hear about the government going after you for charging too much for your candy, which you only do because you have to pay for the insurance they require. They come at you claiming that having candy is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILAGE! You should give it out for everyone. You'd be pissed, wouldn't you? 

Thankfully the Detroit nigger, even with his backroom, reacharound politics and strong-arming, can't pull the votes together to get this bill passed. It's polling at 75% negative in some Democratic districts and that scares the representatives (as well it should). To get past this the Chief Jigaboo grabbed his spear, shook it at Congress, and demanded that they simply go against their districts and vote YES on healthcare anyway, defying the very people that voted them in. When that failed to bring in the necessary votes he reached into YOUR pocket and offered the now-famous cornhusker kickback and the louisana purchase

Obama Nigger Gives More Of Your Money In Kickbacks

Obama Nigger Gives More Of Your Money In Kickbacks

When these went public the Shit-Skin decided that it was better to simply offer EVERY STATE a deal if it meant he'd pass healthcare, and he's right. What's a few million to the states when he stands to collect BILLIONS from people that live in those states under the guise of "Universal Healthcare"? It's more like an investment for the nigger. He'll simply pay a little now and collect a lot later. Just take a look at the Social Security fund (where's the money that was supposed to be lock-boxed? Hmm? Being paid out for IOUs from Government Waste!) and you'll see what I mean. Another money grab. You work for it, the government takes it, and they'll give it to niggers to spend it.

Americans saw through this and showed their disapproval in recent polls that show Universal Healthcare support still down to 53%, with 57% of Americans saying the current plan would severely hurt the economy. When questioned about the latest numbers, the ape responded, "I don't, I really don't see that when I'm at rallys. People really seem to be excited about 'healthcare reform' and I intend to see it to a vote."

You do that Afri-coon. And we'll see you spit-shining our shoes in 2012 when the new has worn off and everyone sees you for the shit-colored half-breed monkey that you are. 

Until next time my friends - VBH!

Vote White, Breed White, Hire White - VBH!

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March 5, 2010 - Obama Nigger Still Doesn't Get It, More Citizens Revolt

Obama Nigger Still Doesn't Understand Citizen Outrage 

Obama Nigger Still Doesn't Understand American Unrest

  And it's happened again. Another citizen, a biochemist named John Patrick Bedell, this time from California (via Texas) spent the last few weeks driving from his woman's house in California to the Pentagon in order to make a stand for what he believed. This time it was marijuana laws, corruption in the government, an alleged cover-up of the death of a Colonel James Sabow during an investigation he was conducting, and who knows what all else that pushed this guy over the edge. 

For those of you NOT in California, dope laws are very controversial there. The public voted to allow it, yet the feds still bust the stores that sell it. It's a case of right hand/left hand politics. Retarded? Sure. But that doesn't stop politicians in California and Washington from going at it like two cats fighting over a tasty taxable mouse. 

While I'm not a dope head because I don't care for anything that affects your judgment or motivation, I do support the rights of people to be lazy and eat chips as much as they want or can afford. If that's your bag and you can make a living at it, go for it. It's Libertarianist attitide, which I'm not, but really as long as you know it'll make you stupid for a few hours/weeks and choose to smoke it anyway then fine - you're a free man. 

John Patrick Bedell had enough of the Obama Nigger Administration

Obama Nigger Pushes Another Citizen Too Far

Well, this back and forth was too much for John Patrick Bedell. He loaded up his 9mm pistols, grabbed some spare ammo for the car, bought a few more magazines, and off he went to the Pentagon. When he showed up he walked to the guards, reached into his pocket, and pulled out what the guards thought would be an ID badge. Instead he surprised them with his pistols. 

Being a Californian and (possibly stoned) he couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle, but he tried. He shot one officer in the thigh, another in the shoulder, then he proceeded to collect his own share of ammo from the officers. He went down and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

One of his final internet postings was this:

Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes. My work to develop information currency is an effort to create a framework for information management that uses financial markets to create the economic signals (prices) that will effect complex human actions in the real world based on specified information.

“My desire for justice led me to violate what I think is one of the most unjust laws, cannabis prohibition, by growing 16 cannabis plants on my balcony in Irvine, CA from March 2006 to June 2006. (see below)

One desired result of my effort is (will be) billions and billions of carefully cultivated, highly valuable cannabis plants growing throughout the United States with complete security of property. I have posted the image to the right in order to illustrate the use of cannabis as a monetary system using digital financial instruments.”

John Patrick Bedell

 One Twitter lady from CNBC said that she thinks that Bedell may have had a brother who died in Iraq and had asked that Ahmadinejad be arrested when the Iranian President visited Columbia University.

One wonders how many more have to die for their cause.

J Patrick Bedell's Wikipedia profile has been deleted. It had no address confirmation that it was created by the same person, but the tone seemed very much the same. Angry, fed up, and considering a revolt.  

The details may change in the hours ahead, but the long story short is that the government is pushing itself on everyone. Liberal and Republican, man and woman, nigger and human (though niggers don't often notice or care). It's a sad thing for the officers that were harmed and my prayers go out to them, but this is only one of many, many more to come if the Obama Nigger doesn't wake up and realize that we're broke. We can't afford more taxes AND the "rich" people he's trying to tax are the ones that pay our paycheck. 

If you run a business and someone takes all of your money, will you fire some employees? Sure, you can't pay them in gum so you'll have to let them go. And they'll be on Unemployment for the next 2 years, thanks to the welfare loving Obama. Another fantastic move from the clueless chimp. Great job!

I wonder if he's telling reporters right now, "What? No, these uprisings are just coincidences. Isolated incidents. Nothing to see here!" Better get that teleprompter ready with that line on repeat, Coon-In-Chief.

Until next time my friends, 


Vote White, Breed White, Hire White - VBH!



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March 4, 2010 - Obama Nigger Tells Senate To Commit Suicide, Citizens Rebel

Obama Nigger Demands Democrats Vote For Healthcare

Obama Nigger Demands Democrats Vote For Healthcare Regardless Of Consequences

 The Chief Shit-Skin today renewed calls to Senate Democrats to vote for his healthcare bill regardless of what their individual districts are telling them. One Senator was quoted as saying, "This is political suicide. If we vote for (this bill) we'll be slitting our own throats. No one will vote for us in the next election."

 The sentiment was repeated throughout the House of Representatives as well. "Our polling in Virginia says this bill isn't supported at all and I daresay is actually hated among my constituents," said one Representative from Virginia. The funny thing is that when Senate Democrats brought this issue up to Pelosi she replied, "Even if it means your job, you must vote to support this bill so that we can move forward. It's your duty."


 The Obama Nigger echoed that feeling in his speech on Thursday (today) when he said, "We've said all that needs to be said. It's time for a vote. And it's not worth changing your vote if you voted 'Yes' on the previous version (which included the now absent abortion amendments) because you're already known as a supporter." The He-Boon thinks that it's not enough for them to have bitten the bullet for him once on a guaranteed dead bill, but they need to fall on the knife again in order to get his new tax passed even if it means they'll lose their jobs. 

That's not how elections work, but hey, that's Chicago Politics, and all the Nigger Beast understands.  

American People Fight Back

Americans Fight Back When Cornered By Obama Nigger Administration and Evil Nigger Eric Holder

 How do the American people react to these pressures? Well, they're fighting back. I've already told you about Joseph Stack, who crashed his plane into the IRS building. There have been at least 9 other instances of people bulldozing their houses, selling their possessions, or sending nasty substances through the mail to public officials since January 2010. And that's just a start. Things are getting worse for the American people which means these actions and attacks will escalate accordingly as people get more and more fed up with the nigger president's actions. 

Obama has hired more than 3000 new IRS agents to audit returns this year. It's a well known fact that audits are more common against people the Presidential Turd considers a threat. For instance, Rush Limbaugh has been audited repeatedly, as has Glenn Beck and Laura Schlessinger. The audit system is supposed to be random. Does that sound random to you? 

Now, each new auditor has about 1500 returns that they handle per season. That's another 3000 x 1500 = 4.5 MILLION new audits that will happen this year. What's worse, he'll be doubling the tax for the average worker in 2011. Who do you think the targets of those audits are going to be? Niggers in the projects collecting welfare? No, it'll be you and me, white workers making a decent living. Also, providing he'll pass his niggerfuxated Healtcare bill we'll have another $400.00 per month tax added to every working family in America. 

Nigger SheBoon Poses In Ghetto

Nigger SheBoon Shows Off Her Welfare Bling And Fat Monkey Ass


What would you do with all this newfound money? Maybe buy a nice dress like the She-Boon above? Our nigger president wants to use it to further his government power. "Reinvestment in America" is what he calls it, a phrase he blatantly stole from California congressmen that wanted to spend more on pet projects when the California budget came up in the red. 

Just imagine the reinvestment plan - Government grows by astronomical amounts thanks to your "healthcare" dollars and unlocked social security payments. In return you get the opportunity to wait in line at the doctor's office for 12 hours for that pesky broken arm. Some people will do anything to get out of working. Shame on you.

Obama Nigger Still Not Releasing Birth Certificate

Obama Nigger Still Fighting Release Of Birth Certificate

And this is all from a nigger that still refuses to release his birth certificate, instead spending upwards of $3.3 million to fight it's release. Funny, that. 

Until next time my friends, 


Vote White, Breed White, Hire White. VBH!








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