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Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales of more than 170,000 heavy trucks in 2013

Posted: 11:18 PM , February 27, 2014

December 2013 , Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy truck(truck parts) sales reached more than 16,400 units, an increase of 58.2% , growth of 6.5%. January-December , the cumulative sales of heavy trucks over 170,000 , an increase of 16.1% , continuing to maintain a leading position in the industry .
Data Display: 2013 January-December , Dongfeng commercial vehicle(dongfeng parts) in cumulative sales of nearly 51,000 cards , an increase of 12% ; heavy truck cumulative sales of more than 120,600 vehicles, an increase of 18 %. Independent diameter ( not including Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Truck ) in the heavy truck market share to stay ahead. In addition , the Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales in the country four commodities steady growth , maintaining industry-leading . Commodity sales better than expected , while Dongfeng commercial vehicle market after the rapid growth of the business , forming a new value growth this year, sales of accessories revenue grew 7%.
Continue to provide customers with goods, and create greater value Dongfeng commercial vehicle persistent goal and Dongfeng commercial vehicle marketing success achieved in 2013 an important reason. 2013 , Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology research and development capabilities continue to improve , new products project is progressing well - in April , unveiled a new strategy for efficient long-distance goods Denon 's flagship carrier, Dongfeng quasi- heavy long-distance trucks . In the second half , the country has introduced four models of many commodities , powertrain developed a new series of engines and other new X7 . In addition , Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited to further enhance the manufacturing level , investment in new factories and Dongfeng commercial vehicle production lines continue to follow up and enhance the development potential.
2013 , standing Dongfeng(auto parts) and Volvo to build a new starting point on the strategic alliance , the depth of focus of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited marketing transformation , in terms of network transformation , sale, sales have achieved a major breakthrough , to further enhance the market competitiveness.
In terms of network transformation , Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. to build an integrated multi-level training system , start the network of corporate governance projects to promote the network 's business model ( profit business model ) transformation , continued expansion of network scale , robust network structure ; in the aftermarket restructuring , Dongfeng commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. from a focus on a single profitable sales earnings after the market shift to concern , from a focus on new capacity and to address concerns complain turning ownership and create value , while substantially increasing the rate of pure accessories franchise ; sales in restructuring , actively preparing for the special chassis market marketing system , to further strengthen the regional team dongfeng cummins lines , while a major breakthrough in increasing market share , initially established a one-stop shop for the customer order-driven processes.
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