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Cummins ISF engine favored nation four

Posted: 11:19 PM , February 27, 2014

" True core , reliable, true feedback ," Cummins ISF engine(cummins isf 2.8) light customer interaction activities held in Shanghai , Nanjing, Hangzhou and Wenzhou, October 24-November 6 . The choice of activities , including logistics base in Nanjing CVG light truck users centralized venue , direct face to face communication with the truck driver . The event, to customer interaction mainly through technical seminars , experience sharing , free testing , on-site lottery and other sectors, narrowing the distance engine manufacturers and end customers , allowing our customers to experience a variety of technical advantages Cummins ISF engine(cummins isf 3.8) , felt the Cummins thoughtful, meticulous and perfect service system.
In Shanghai , Nanjing, Hangzhou , represented by the Yangtze River Delta region of cold chain transport industry is relatively developed , the transport vehicle's engine requires relatively high. With the July 1, 2013 the country began to strictly implement China IV diesel emission standards for light-duty vehicles since transport vehicles are also increasing calls for the upgrade , and how to provide an economical and efficient to meet the country 's freight vehicle emission regulations have become important issue of all vehicle manufacturers . The cummins parts Cummins ISF engine light particularly eye-catching performance in the domestic market , especially after the country has been widely used IV emission treatment technology , is recognized as the country's most mature , most leading technology , most users favor of real country 4 technology engines.
Cummins ISF State 4 ( Euro 4 ) technology continues Cummins diesel technology accumulated for centuries , through the more than one million kilometers of road stringent reliability test , the normal operation under extreme conditions of high temperature , cold , high altitude , etc. ; overhaul mileage over 50 million kilometers and constantly refreshed without overhaul mileage records ; maintenance mileage of 20,000 km , is more than four times the domestic like product ; modular design allows 40% reduction in the number of parts , maintenance costs low; adopts advanced Bosch high-pressure common rail technology , higher fuel efficiency.
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I was drawn by the h

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I was drawn by the honsety of what you write

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