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Cummins Power will continue to shine exhibition debut GPOWER2014

Posted: 11:19 PM , February 27, 2014

After April 8, 2013 the first portable generators Cummins engines and generators collective debut full product line of Shanghai Power Exhibition, 8-10 April 2014 , Cummins will continue to shine debut GPOWER2014 power development.
dongfeng engine Cummins Power introduction of overseas certified to meet the stringent low-emission generator engines , QSK60 Cummins Power models are sold in the domestic maximum displacement models , the integration of sophisticated electronic systems will enhance the power supply to new heights . More than 20,000 hours overhaul period and configure new parts to become the benchmark of low-cost carriers . QSX15 is the first 24- valve twin cam top technology heavy-duty diesel engines, not only that, their machines optimized design reduces the extra oil pipes , coolant and fuel lines , a 30% overall reduction in the number of parts , reliability increased dramatically. These models meet the Chinese , the United States , Europe's most stringent emission standards , providing customers with green power solutions .
Cummins is the heavy-duty power and high-power diesel engine generator set leader . Integration of its products QSK38 Cummins global quality standards and localization cost advantage , this section Quantum engine is equipped with a durable double-pump , two-cycle cryogenic system and an efficient intercooler turbo system to achieve lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency.
Relying on the advantages of dongfeng truck parts Cummins and Xi'an Cummins , Cummins power technology research and development, and to match the sales of power generation equipment OEMs powertrain . The Cummins QSB power technology and QSZ exhibited two models with complete pre-integrated Coolpac power pack , providing a one-stop Cummins engine , cooling system, intake system, exhaust system, control system and peripheral accessories , emissions to meet the various needs .
Cummins Power Generation Technology provides good performance for the power generator equipment . The exhibition P80 Stamford alternator , through pre-integrated design , to achieve a perfect match with cummins engine generators , modular design, with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics , reliable, easy to use, suitable for a variety of applications needs and climatic conditions, on behalf of the international advanced level.
As the world 's largest independent Cummins diesel engine manufacturing enterprises, its broad product line, low-emission high-performance features and forward-looking technology advantages and rich experience in the field of power systems reputation turbine engines which power segment rose to 78 liters from 1.3 . Cummins insists globalization unified design, world-class quality standards , localized service support , the Chinese market Plough . Cummins not only through wholly-owned, joint ventures way to achieve localized manufacturing, providing a low-cost high-quality localized products, but also has a perfect overseas procurement chain, ensuring to meet various customer needs. Cummins insists the whole product line manufacturing model , from design to ensure that every single component on to achieve the best fit , ensuring that the main components and equipped with Cummins series(cummins 6ct) generator sets to achieve optimum operational performance to meet market demand.
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