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Cummins six-cylinder engine Tier 4 Final stage of the product in full production

Posted: 11:20 PM , February 27, 2014

Cummins has announced that meets Europe, the United States and Africa with the fourth stage highway mobile equipment (EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV) emission standard six-cylinder engine will be fully operational in 2014 , covering the power 190-675 hp ( 142-503 kilowatts ) , with the support of the whole off-highway equipment , also has to meet the January 1, 2014 implementation of near-zero emissions regulations ready .
In the March 2014 date 4-8 Las Vegas CONEXPO 2014 exhibition, to meet Tier 4 Final standards of construction machinery, material handling , power units and cranes and other equipment widely used in Cummins engines from 6.7 to 15 l , appropriate interpretation of Cummins ' positive energy delivery technologies change , "the theme of the show , Welcome to Cummins(cummins parts) South hall 4 booth (No. 84808), feel extraordinary !
Cummins Tier 4 Final engines for non- road equipment to bring the performance of innovation , not only in terms of ultra- clean operation , but also helps to speed up the work cycle , improve work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption , resulting in lower operating costs.
"CONEXPO offers at the right time to give us the opportunity to showcase Tier 4 Final technology, a new generation of Cummins engine can significantly enhance the performance of the host device ." Executive Director of Cummins Off-Highway Business Feng Xu (Hugh Foden) said . "We started very early development of Tier 4 Final technology, and so far the largest field test conditions and OEMs to install facilities, has expanded to more than 70 sets of equipment in the most demanding environmental conditions and high run altitude, high humidity , extreme heat and extreme arctic conditions . thus proving that our Tier 4 Final engines in attendance had a great performance and reliability , the ability to gain market acceptance of our Tier 4 Interim and Tier 3 engine comparable . "
Cummins Tier 4 Final in six-cylinder engine QSB6.7, QSL9 and QSX15 series full production on the occasion, Cummins QSG12(cummins 6l) also launched a new series of engines , which provides support to OEMs prototype . Cummins Tier 4 Final four-cylinder engine test site is still in working condition , QSF3.8 QSB4.5 series and mass production is expected in 2015 , with 75-173 hp ( 56-129 kilowatts ) engine emissions standards implementation time consistent . 2014 , QSF2.8 series of small engine production is expected to increase to meet the application needs 75 horsepower ( 56 kilowatts ) or less.
For the basis of Tier 4 Final, Cummins ' positive energy delivery technologies change " is to have the design, integration and production of all the capabilities of the engine core technology , to the maximum extent possible to the engine , turbocharger , filtration and post-processing systems are integrated. In addition, Cummins engine emissions in road use unique techniques of successful experience, more than 50 million units to meet EPA10 and EPA13 vehicle standard engine in operation, the standards and Tier 4 Final / Stage IV fairly . New production of Tier 4 Final engine technology is mature , reliable, and versatile base platform system used by a wide range of validation and off-highway applications and universally recognized.
The CONEXPO show, Cummins(cummins engine parts) broad product line to become another bright spot. From 49-675 hp ( 37-503 kilowatts ) , the whole family meets Tier 4 Final / Stage IV standards, including the newly launched QSF3.8 and QSG12 series engines. Cummins also demonstrated the industry's first to achieve Tier 4 Final standard power supply unit and a trailer leasing . As the core components of large integrators engine technology and a leading manufacturer , Cummins will demonstrate the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology, fuel system with excellent protection performance NanoNetTM fuel filter , which can effectively improve the efficiency of the engine variable geometry turbocharger pressure device (VGT), and EcoFitTM urea storage tanks, pipelines and processing system sensor Cummins Emission newly launched , providing a set of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment technologies and corresponding quantitative injection system.
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