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Gag order overturned!

Posted at 12:02 PM, August 17, 2008

  The gag order has been lifted by the town of Otis, Oregon and we are free to post once again on our Blog site!  The problem started almost two months ago when Lucy and I, after our mountain bike race in the NW, decided to swing down to Otis to visit Unka Gray and Aunt Salmon.  We arrived at the small quaint seaside town of Otis surrounded by abundant sunshine and moderate temperatures. 

Gray and Sam were the perfect hosts and toured us around the town.  Problems arose when we started taking pictures of the sunny coastline, people wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts and and even one picture of a person squinting because of the abundant rays of sunlight basking upon us.  City folk soon surrounded us and attempted to confiscate our camera and note pad on which we had been documenting our adventures.  Apparently the town of Otis has a reputation to uphold.  Cold fog shrouded coastlines.  Never ending dew and rain dripping from the tree boughs.  People huddled in their raincoats while dashing from one dwelling to another trying to stay warm with an outside temperature just above unbearable.

  The townspeople were afraid that if the public were to see our pictures, which contradict their imaginary lifestyle, there would be a huge influx of tourists and, dare I say it, California transplants, eager to move to the area and develop the sleepy little town in to a series of strip malls and theme parks. 

 After much negotiation with the services of an arbitrator, we agreed to delay posting to our Blog any text or picture material which would portray the town of Otis as a sunny locale until the children in N. America were ready to go back to school and the threat of mass vacation sun worshipers descending upon their hamlet was averted.

 So without further delay let us pick up where our adventures left off!  Our last entry had our fearless bike racers up in the NW riding some of the craziest terrain known to mankind.  Unfortunately we had to return to work where we were able to lick our wounds and sit in comfortable chairs.  Using our benefits with Southwest Airlines we decided to leave the car up in Seattle for 7 days while we returned to Salt Lake City for a week of work.  Easing back in to the work schedule we turned our sights to our good friends Sandy and Bobby's wedding in Portland the following weekend.  5 days later we found ourselves back in Oregon.  The wedding was on Saturday evening so we ventured out to the tiny town of Otis to visit Gray and Sam.  A lovely two-hour drive from the city to the costline.  They have a cosy house nestled in the woods set back from the coast about 1/2 mile. 

 We toured the town of Otis, took a leisurely hike in the neighboorhood and drove down to the water to catch a serene sunset.  The evening was spent relaxing with Sam and Gray.  The next morning we departed Otis to head back to the Portland area for our friends' wedding.

  Bobby and Sandy recently bought a house in Gresham, a suburb of Portland.  The wedding was held in the backyard surounded by a small group of friends.  After the ceremony we all relaxed in the backyard and enjoyed seeing friends we have not seen in a long while.  We retired that evening preparing for our long drive back to Salt Lake City the next morning.

  We left Portland around 9:30 am and drove up the Columbia River as we made the trek across Oregon.  We stopped by one of the dams on the river and toured the fish ladders and hatchery for about 1/2 hour.  We snapped some photos of giant stugeon on display.  Did you know the sturgeon has  pretty much not changed since the age of the dinosaurs?  Lucy found this fascinating. 

The weather cooperated and the drive went by quickly as Lucy and I spent some quality time together.  As a new Captain with Southwest Airlines my schedueling power has been reduced to almost nothing.  Currently I am working weekends with weekdays off.  Lucy on the other hand has been mandated by the state of Utah to work 4 ten-hour days so that the state can save money closing all offices on Friday.  Our time together has been affected and we do not take advantage of the time that we do have together.  Time marches on, though, and we hope in the next few months that I will be able to bid back to at least partial weekday trips during the month.  By 6pm we had driven to Boise, Idaho and we both felt good so we decided to press on to Salt Lake City.  We arrived home around 12:30AM and started the work week in earnest.

  Since the middle of July, Lucy and I have been very busy.  We have done a little bit of work on the house throughout the summer, but we continue to ride quite a bit on the bikes.  This week we are heading down to Brian Head, Utah for a 4-day mountain bike stage race which starts on Thursday. The website for that race is   After this, the bikes will get a big rest.  The outside temperatures are starting to cool down a bit and we know that there is much to do with the house before Fall arrives.

  Work schedules, training schedules, and life seem to get in the way so we will try harder to keep our Blog up to date and let you all know what is going on in our neck of the woods.   We leave you with one last picture of us on a recent quick trip to our place in Moab.  From beautiful Utah, ta ta for now. 

Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous at 09:06 AM, August 19, 2008

Wow! Great shots of Oregon & Utah! I'm only sad we didn't get to visit with you while you were in Portland! Now that you know it doesn't always rain here, you'll have to come back & see us!
Cuzzin Ruth

Hi Lucy

Posted by Anonymous at 05:53 PM, August 24, 2008

Looks like you had fun. Too bad you didn't have time to stop and see us here while you were in Portland!

We live in a suburb of Portland, Wilsonville. Ruth lives in Tualitin, Katie, Lake Oswego and Martha Tigard. We are all about 10 minutes from each other.

Having a very busy summer here also. The construction business is extremely busy.... two teenagers and we put in a pool in our backyard. I also planted a huge garden.


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