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Day 4 - Brian Head Endurance FINISH!!!

Posted at 07:15 PM, August 24, 2008

We finished!!!!!  OMG that was v hard.  Here is a picture of us after we are done in the condo.

And now what? 

Drew stuck with me again today for another LONG day.   Today, I started out on a fairly slow pace so as not to repeat yesterday's blow up.  My competetor, who beat me by 22 minutes yesterday ,  was pacing off of us.  But about 12 miles in she passed us, so we let her go.  Not like I could have done anything about it.  The course today was a mix of a bit of road, pavement, and really cool singletrack.  It was two laps around the Dark Hollow course for the NORBA national race.  48 miles, so they say.  The Dark Hollow trail is really fun but there were 4 places I had to dismount to walk over the tricky spots.    Incedible views, buff trail, cows, sheep, pastures, spruce forests, bow hunters on ATVs, great fans and volunteers, sun and fun.  The first lap was tough and I felt mediocre, but Drew paced me and kept me positive.  After the first big climb of the second lap, there is a fun singletrack called Louder Ponds.  At the end of that was a rest stop and then a 26 minute climb up a sandy forest service road.  On this road I got a second wind and for the rest of the day I felt pretty good and actually had fun.  The second time down the Dark Hollow, Drew and I both did well and hung on through the last meadows and climbs to finish together with a KISS

So finally, I have completed a multi-day endurance race.  Bonus that my best friend and husband was by my side for it!

Lucy's stats:  Time: 7 hours 29 min 45 seconds.  49.3 miles.  Avg heart rate 136 beats per minute. Max heart rate 161.  Avg speed 7.1 mph.   3167 calories, yahoo!  Lots o' beer.  6540 feet of climbing  10,043 feet maximum altitude.


 Lucy's show of sportsmanship.


The bling from the Revolution team!  Steve placed 3rd in the sportsmen 30-39.  Jim placed 3rd in sportsman 40-49, Brad S. placed 2nd in openmen 45-49, and my 2nd place medal in sportswomen 30-39.  If Drew and I had entered as a duo team, we would have both got the silver medals in that category. 

Lars, Steve, Jim, Lucy, Drew: competetors in the 1st American Mountain Classic Endurance Mountain Bike Race, Brian Head, Utah.

Closing remarks: great race, hurt lots, a unique way to spend our vacation.


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