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hell week... what's next?

this may be one of my toughest weeks as a stude.


now i dont know if ya'll are also having a hard time but uh... i know i am.


intphil class. yes, introduction to philosophy and NOT philosophy of person.


most of us arent doing well in it. i bet we're all desperate to pass it. its like what sir lualhati told us, "may philper class ba ko next term? o magkikita kita tayo ulit sa intphil?" with his signature laugh (oh yes, he sure laughs...)


oh shit, and i have this theatre presentation in QC... im so lucky... (dammit...)


okay, how are you supposed to attend a talk on philosophy and make five insights and still go to some play and watch it in full? i hope we dont make some paper about it...


yeah right, jan. this is college. shit like that always happens...


tangina naman...

Posted: 10:32 PM, July 17, 2006
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go to bed,kid... its 11 in the evening...

do you remember a time in your life when you feel like everything's fine and then at one point, its about to crumble down to pieces but you try to get all the energy to overcome such a difficulty???


folks, ladies and gentlemen, bitches and bastards... welcome to my life...


hey, that's really me... i mean i guess this kinda shit happens, but who gives a damn anyway? everybody's got something in their head that they cant just forget that easily. weird, yes. fucked up, maybe.


its all in my head, probably. im used to these things anyway. after all, im old enough to be in this position.



Posted: 10:17 AM, July 17, 2006
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lesson learned...

for all you internet addicts, avoid using the internet too much... mine just got reformatted yesterday, so if you dont want every single program removed form your p.c. again, please, please, please... dont overuse your internet explorer again...


maybe it was just bad luck when my hard drive had viruses in it... hm...

Posted: 11:42 PM, July 5, 2006
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tired body + pressure = stress

guess the title says it all... i feel so fucking weird today.


not really weird, just too tired i guess...


i am so sick of the tension

sick of the hunger

sick of you acting like i owe you this

find another place to feed your greed

while i find a place to rest


-linkin park, "a place for my head"


hm... that's funny... i always have a line or two (or more than three, perhaps) in some of my entries... that's... weird... and interesting...

Posted: 07:08 AM, June 30, 2006
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oh... the irony...

oh the irony of laughing at the simplest things in life...


i just realized that now matter how much pain you've been through, people will just keep on coming for you...


peel me from the skin

tear me from the rind

does it make you happy now?


tear me from the bone

tear me from myself

are you feeling happy now?


this entry's for all the bitches and motherfuckers who've been through hell and never came back... fuck you all...

Posted: 07:33 AM, June 24, 2006
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